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OK guys so basicallly i'm 14 nearly 15 and i had acne since i was in yr eaight in school an now i'm in yr ten......i don no if it's actuall acne becouse when i go on the internet an rite acne scary looking spots i see an i'm not like dah! but i still feel totally miserable an some days i just have dis mood swings an just wana cry when i was happy bout a munite ago! i have spots on my cheeks an chin an sometimes mouth are but not much. an basically everywhere i go i see epople wiv clear skin form frinds to family an none of my family are like me so i feel so ugly an i feeel like an alein. i can't stand it an I DON'T SEE THE LIGHT AT DE END OF DA TUNNEL. i'm using clean an clear now an it seems to be working buh some mornings i wake up an i c dah my skin has turned on me an over dah da scars are horrible. i no dah most people would say mine is not even bad but to me it feeels like it's a huge problem an i can't stand it but anyways before i was stupid an i went into da market an just picked up whateva but now i stayed with a little time table where i clense my fac den use a oil freee moisturiser an it works an it son't sometimes. before now everything i used was a complete fail. and now i'm sick an tired of using my pocket money to but products which aren't a miracle and CAN SOMEONE HELP ME! SHULD I GIVE UP......it's beeen a about 3 whole years an some days i want to kill myself an i feeel dah clear skin is what i need to survive in dis world as a teenager! seriously! des whole situation ruins everything an i can't emotional DEAL WIV DES!

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