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Good news update - Face Reality Acne Clinic Products

Hello Everyone, My daughter who is 17 has moderate acne which is now severely impacting her life at this point. We've been working with her derm who is now down to suggesting Accutane. I really don't want her to do this drastic of a step yet and as desperate as she is she also understands the negative aspect of the Accutane so we decided to try one more thing.

I came across Face Reality Acne Clinic in California. We're on the East coast so we will be a long distance client. They seem to have great reviews and seem to be a very legitimate business. We received the products today and I just want to clarify one thing with them before my daughter uses the products. I may be the only one who has ever asked them this but I'm a little on the cautious side. I left them a message tonight and will see what they say. Here's my only question/concern. The products don't seem to have any information on who manufactured them and the labels are from Face Reality. I asked them for just some general info. on who manufactures the products, where are they actually made, who oversees that the products are safe, etc.

I learned to try and ask questions first rather than be sorry later. I hope I don't offend them and I know my daughter isn't happy. She wants to get going on this. I just feel like people sometimes just take things or use products on themselves and assume it is ok just because someone put it in a nice package and sell it to the public.

Am I being to cautious? Has anyone else that used Face Reality inquired about this?

I won't try to get too hopeful for positive results from the products yet but my daughter is so distraught that it is breaking my heart especially since she has so many other medical conditions but this one is really doing a number on her psychologically.

Thanks for reading!!! Take care,

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Someone please answer this!!! lol... I hate waiting for answers but this question sounds way more important than any others I've read.

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Hi there,

I used face reality awhile ago and their products are pretty good. Turns out I had a massive hormonal imbalance that no topical would fix; however, I did like their products and program. They stay on top of you with weekly photo updates/surveys. The products I like the best are the mandelic acid and BP spot treatment. If it wasn't for my hormonal imbalance, I would have stuck with them. However, after taking spiro I found I didn't need topicals as much.

Willow569 has a whole log about them with great results. Should ease your mind a bit.


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Thanks for the replies. Good to know about Willow's experience with them.

One of the co-owners called me right back this morning and answered my questions. I feel comfortable going forward with the products.

I was glad they weren't in the least bit defensive or offended and he even commended me for being a diligent parent. In my experience that's always a good sign.

I was pretty sure that was the response I would get since I have seen so many positive things about them but I just needed to speak to them directly about it.

I update you all on her progress.

Thanks again.

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Great news update - I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier. My daughter started the Face Reality program back in December. Sometime around late Feb / early March her face started clearing up and was completely clear by about the end of March. She still has red marks and a pretty good amount of scarring but the acne is totally cleared up.

Of course back in Dec. she said she'd be the happiest person around if it cleared up so now that it is cleared she is really wanting to get rid of the red and scars. I reminded her that all she wanted at one point was the acne to be gone and now she wants more : ) I know that's normal but.....

The people at Face Reality were fantastic. I wanted to believe and promised my daughter that this would work but I still had my doubts. I'm so pleased with the results but it did take a while to start working. At about the 6 week mark my daughter got a little discouraged because it hadn't exactly working at tha point but I told her she has to hang in there. Shortly after that she started noticing things turning around.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of trying this.

Take care, Beth

Also, compared to other things we've tried the cost of this was actually not bad.

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