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Adult, male, 28 seeks acne advice

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Hi there.

Well, I've read these forums quite a bit and now I think I'm just going to go for the direct advice as regards what I can do.

Firstly, let me tell you about my acne. It tends to crop up around my cheeks (more so in the middle region), the sides of my nose and sometimes my chin. My temples are probably the worst areas though. The cheek areas probably get the most red of them all, and I guess they're the most visible anyway. I shall post a picture (it's not flattering to me, but it's the best way to get across the situation) (also I'm not sure if HTML tags work in this forum or else I'd just post it that way)... or not. I'll try as an attachment.


Yes, it could be worse, but as you know that's not good enough for me by a long way.

Now I have tried many things. Firstly I had a food intolerance test (not cheap) which revealed intolerances to egg yolk, cow's milk, almond and mushroom. It seems to me that excess milk or egg can contribute to spots, but I'm not so sure about almond and mushroom (they tend to lead towards a headache in excessive quantities). So, if I eat ice cream, I can usually count on some kind of outbreak. So what did I do? Well, I exchanged my morning milk with oat milk, cut out bread from my diet, tried to avoid milk and egg at every opportunity and have lowered sugar intake (as that seems to have some effect). I guess the most sugar I get now is in fruit, which I use in place of sweets and cakes before. Simply put, people around me think I have a will of steel when it comes to my diet. The last time I had a sweet snack that wasn't fruit or chewing gum was weeks ago. Oh, I also made an effort to keep hydrated.

I've also tried various face washes. After a while, I figured supermarket stuff wasn't going to be the answer so I started ordering a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide face wash. It dries my face a bit, but I stuck with it for a while. I guess it had some effect, but certainly you could still tell I had acne.

I was on this diet / benzoyl peroxide regimen for a while, but it wasn't really working that well. Break outs still came about, although I guess it wasn't quite as bad (I think that was mainly the diet). So I decided to change some things based on things I've read. Firstly, I let go of the benzoyl peroxide. It dried my skin and I'm concerned about long term exposure. I replaced it with a simple facewash called 'Simple' (I'm from the UK, it was in a supermarket). Secondly, I did try the urine therapy (I know I know but I'm a desperate man, bear with me) on one side of my face to see what happened. Next I bought some sensitive skin (supposedly anti-acne) pillow case which I try to change at least once a week. I also went on supplements of zinc, garlic, vitamin C and MSM. Finally, I am in the process of learning to sleep on my back and not on my face.

So, and I hope you're still with me, I've noticed some things over time. Firstly, the proximity to 'bad' foods leads to acne. Secondly, the acne often seems less pronounced early in the day. I know that if I feel good about my spot level with that first look in the mirror that it doesn't mean a lot. I also seem to get spots from having part of the duvet on my face (well, it seems to have some relation). I guess we could conclude that I have skin that is very acne prone, which is very annoying given the amount I do to try and get rid of acne.

So what now? Well I have some ideas about where to go from here, but this is where I come to you for help. Here are the ideas:

1. Light therapy. There is a cheap small scale light device I can get, which might be worth a try. I could also try exposing my face to the sun more often or going to a tanning booth.

2. 'Green Cream'. I am holding off ordering some of this due to my concerns about premature ageing of skin, but I'm not set against it particularly.

3. This site's remedy. I don't know much about it, but I'm all ears if someone says it works for them.

4. Proactiv. I've seen it on TV. I don't like to be taken in by this year's latest magical potion, but I'm in a state of 'do anything'.

I'll also take any suggestions at all, and if I've not made something clear in this post about my diet or routine, I will be glad to go over it again.

Oh, for the record, I was on the BP / diet regimen for about... six months. The regimen I mentioned after that I have been on for about two or three weeks.


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I just wanted to let you know that the regimen on this site works awesome if done correctly. I am 32 and have had acne for 16 years or so. It is the only thing besides accutane that has ever positively affected my face. I hope you will try it.

Don't waste your money on proactive. It will work awesome for a few months and then things will go back to the way they were before. Your skin will become immune--or at least that was my experience.

Good luck!

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I'm no success story, but my experience leads me to believe that diet and BP are the best bets.

It sounds like you wouldn't react well to an overnight/all-day 2.5% BP gel/cream treatment (I sure don't), and under normal circumstances, I'd say you should avoid it. However, I have recently begun using a thin layer of jojoba oil (and leaving it on) before applying the BP gel, and the irritation/drying is minimal to non-existent. And as far as I can tell, it's just as effective: moderately so.

Others on the site use this method and I think it's worth a shot.

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I'd try 5000 iu of vitamin d3 daily, you're almost certainly not getting enough from the sun being that you're in the UK and it's fricking freezing! D3 absorbs better than other kinds of d vitamins and there's threads on this site where people have had good results - me included.

In addition, 50mg of zinc daily - zinc is anti-inflammatory and aids skin healing - again, there's some interesting threads on acne.org.

I've had reallly positive results over 6 weeks. I'm pretty much clear, bar using a product which broke me out!

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