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Steroid Eye Drops?

This one's quick. My doctor prescribed me a steroid eye drop for pink eye. I'm concerned about the whole steroid thing. I know this stuff isn't going to make me burst huge biceps and smash sh*t in roid rage, but I am concerned about the way they may affect my hormones. I'm trying to wean myself off of makeup, and the last thing I need now is a breakout.

There's also a bunch of information on the web about potential in eye danger, like corneal perforation and pressure off-balance...

On top of that, I had a bad reaction to flourosceine drops the optometrist put in my eye. I hate numbing solutions anyway (I'd honestly rather feel the pain because the numbing is too uncomfortable). Two minutes after she put it in, I felt like I was going to die. Nausea, vision gone out, dizziness, no breath, a a severe pain in my side? Echh.

So I'm kind of scared of putting random chemicals in my eye now.

Also, is there another way to get rid of the pink eye? It's viral, not bacterial.




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The only thing I can really add here is that not all steroids have a negative affect on acne. I took prednisone awhile back for a short while and it cleared me up for a good couple weeks (I have very mild acne). And I have heard of dermatologists prescribing long-term prednisone as a treatment. However, I have heard of long-term steroids causing facial acne. So it's kind of a toss up.

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