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Hi everyone,

I feel that it's imperative to share my success story, because I almost gave up many, many times during the way and I am glad now that I didn't.

I started the regimen more than 3 months ago (I'm in my fourth month now) and I was one of the unlucky ones - my face literally exploded! I did not notice clearer skin for about 12 weeks! In fact, it got so bad that everyone would ask me what was going on. My cystic acne scars turned black with congealed blood, I had atleast 20-25 fresh, active zits at a time - in short, I have NEVER had such severe acne before.

Here's what I did:

I tweaked the regimen a little to suit me. I realized no one knows your skin better than you do, so play around a little to see what best suits you. I only get pimples in concentrated areas on my face, so now I only apply BP to those areas. No reason to get the rest of my face, like my temples, dry and flaky. I use Dan's new moisturizer, which is extremely calming (I don't even need jojoba anymore!). And lastly, I don't wait much between steps. I wash my face, immediately put BP, and then as soon as it dries (like 10 minutes) I put moisturizer. For some reason, not waiting works much better for me.

Now, I only have 1-2 active zits on my face and I can't believe it! The clearing happens all of a sudden, it's incredible. I'm not a patient person, so I'm extremely happy I stuck with the regimen, even when EVERYONE told me to quit asap.

Good luck to everyone !

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Great sharing. It's inspiring me because i have acne. Well i use Himani Boroplus anti acne cream which is a herbal product. Now i am quite acne free.

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OMG !! such a coincidence. I have stopped my BP like 4days ago bcuz i couldn't bear with the flakes n i was really depressed. It was my 40th day of the regimen. Today I looked at myself in the mirror... I was quite scared. Pimples were everywhere! I couldnt believed it!

After reading ur thread, I got motivated and im gonna pull this shit until i get clear. Before i used to put the whole face and i think that made my face horrible now!!. I usually get pimples around jaw line and my cheeks. Now im gonna apply on the affected areas. Hope this goes well! Wish me luck! btw since i have stopped applyin BP like 4days ago, if i start again today does that make to Day 1? Bcuz i dun my acne get worse AGAIN!...

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