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Aspirin mask, olive oil, ACV or mandelic acid??

I don't get pimples too often anymore but I've noticed that I have heaps of tiny stubborn bumps on the bridge of my nose and on the sides just under my eyes. These bumps are really obvious especially if one side of my face is facing the sun :(

I've been reading up on the posts about the Aspirin mask, topical olive oil, topical Apple Cider Vinegar and Mandelic acid, and I was wondering which one is best to treat whiteheads?

They all sound great but I don't know which one I should use.

I'd really appreciate everyones input :)

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Hey ocean

In my experience I've had great results using Mandelic acid. you can get it in either 10% or 15% serum. Use it 1-2 times daily. Mandelic acid is great for whiteheads cuz it also has Antibacterial properties in it. For alot of people Mandelic acid alone can completely clear acne. but for others you may want to also take some oral medications with mandelic acid such as bactrim. I've ordered in the past from Nucelle.com and I used the 10% serum, then bumped it up to 15% and it completely cleared my acne so I'm fully suportive of Mandelic Acid because it worked for me ! :)

anyways hope that helps

cheers :)

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sounds more fungul since you said gooselike bumps...i'd go with dermalogicas born to be mild cleasner

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