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When to do regime whne going out?

Hi long time reader first time poster.

I've been on the regime for a while and im becoming clear slowly but surely.

Just a bit of a pickle im in, i dont know what to do the nights i go out clubbing or out late.

I always do my morning regime at 8 am before college, and then if im not going out between 10-11 pm for night.

But if im going out that night ill always shower before i go out at maybe 8pm?

Should i do my regime at 8 before i go out and then not till the morning?

Or do the regime when i come in from the night at 3 / 4 am?


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thanks guys,

I think ill do it before i go out, drunk regime is usually rushed and messy haha :D

I'm just skeptical that i'm not washing off all dirt and grime ive picked up on my face after a night out...


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My face tends to get oily a few hours after I do the regimen. This is fine during the day because I just use the brown paper towels in the bathroom every 2 hours or so and pat my face dry. But when I go out , especially if i'm drunk, i won't remember to do this and most of the times I won't be in a position to remove oil from my face. Therefore, when I go out I just completely skip the BP. I will wash face and use the moisturizer only if it's cold. Obviously the BP is the main active ingredient in the regimen so I make sure I do the full regimen bright and early the following morning. I've been doing this for almost 2 years and for my particular face i've learned that as long as I do the regimen at least 3 times every three days I will not break out. Any less than this and I will start to break out. No one can answer this question for you...you need to know how your body works and decide based off that information.

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