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Just got BP today!!

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WOOT! Fast shipping, I love it! Well, tonight will begin the regimen for me then! I am trying to stay super positive, and reading all of the posts about people on it has really made me think this is going to work for me! And seriously, it could not have come at a better time, my face is pretty broke out right now. I did Neosporin on it ALLL day yesterday, and it did help some, tonight with the BP I hope that it will get them the hell out of here. I'm supposed to have dinner tomorrow night with my boyfriends whole family, it'd be nice to be a little less broke out! Anyway, I'm going to work on getting my webpage set up right now, so I'll be keeping a weekly log. WOOT! Please work BP, I don't want to go on Accutane, lol

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hey shortee smile.gif

I just got my bp gel today too (I'd been using the on-the-spot stuff for a couple weeks before though)

You really don't want to go on Accutane if you can avoid it, so it's great that you're trying this! I was on accutane and it didn't help that much... I only wish I had found this regimen before I started Accutane!

Let us know when you get your webpage is up, I'd like to know about your progress!

Good luck!

*lifts glass*

To clear skin!

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