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The sun is amazing for your skin

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I'd read a lot about people going on vacation in Europe and their skin clearing up. While they suspected the extra exposure to sunlight and different diet. Plus other posts talking about optical intake of sunlight and all the wonderful effects it has.

I listened to this and spent an hour in the sun each morning (when the sun was out). I could tell it was helping somewhat but I thought it was making only a small difference.

Well I've recently discovered long exposure to sunlight to be the best answer ever to my skin problems. I have a new job and had to spend hours outside. I got rather sunburnt (it was gone the next day so not severe) and my eyes seemed paler.

The next morning my skin had improved quite a lot. But I assumed it to be a coincidence. Another day at work out in the sun all day (moving around and taking a few short breaks) and another sleep... I woke up to find my skin in impressive condition. Even the black heads on my nose have disappeared.

If you'd read my recent post about my alcohol binge and breaking out, since being out in the sun my skin is in even better condition than it was before I had that night out.

The only issue now is... rain is forecast for the rest of the week. :(

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Agree, and also it has got nothing to do with vitamin D as some say, and here's my proof:

If I spend 2+ hours outside in the sun during summer time every day for 1-2 weeks I'll get completely clear lasting approximately 3 weeks until I break out again. My acne is medium the rest of the year. I've been taking loads of vitamin D in pill form since I experienced this, and a couple of months ago I went to my doc to get my vitamin levels n such measured. Apparently I was way too high on vitamin D, while everything else was perfect. So if vitamin D had an impact on acne I would certainly be clear considering the amounts I had before I cut down. I'm not though. I honestly think it's the UV-rays killing acne.

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