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i have been suffering from acne since high school (14YRS NOW). I have tried everything under the sun like accutane, spironolactone, antibiotics, microdermabrasion, glycolic acid peel, facials, topical (with salicylic acid, aha, zinc, sulfur, etc............) and no luck. The only time i was clear was when i was on accutane, but once i stopped, it slowly started again.

I included a picture to show you guys what I'm dealing with. I don't know what to try anymore. The only thing that seems to help a bit is BP, but is so drying.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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this may not be very helpful to you at all, but i think your acne looks kind of 'peaceful' (...) in the way that there are very few bigger spots and like 70% looks like scarring/redmarks that will fade away over time.

i realize this can still be a major struggle for you though.

the fact that you dont break out with immense cysts should give you some hope.

i do not have any advice on medication unfortunately. just wanted to say hang in there : )

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Looks like you got your acne mainly under control. Most of the marks are scars and red marks.

Try using Vitamin E oil as a moisturizer and Vitamin E + zinc suppliments. It will heal within time, but since youve been on accutane. That will take ages.

have you seen a dermatologist? They can probrably help with your marks alot better than we can!

Good luck and all the best darknloveli ! :)

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