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43/M/Starting Accutane (not since 96!)

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I am about to start an Accutane regimen of 40mg/day (single pill) and was curious what other middle-aged males have found in terms of the differences between dosages, the generics (I was offered a few different ones but haven't picked them up yet), and experiences vs. the more typical user here of the drug who tends to be much younger, and female (no offense, guys, I read through all yours, too!)

I'm 180-185lbs, in great health, but living in a very dry climate and expecting very similar side effects from a course I did in 1996. Dry dry lips being the one I recall most.

For various reasons I'm going to get back on a course, mostly because my acne has flared to a degree unseen in 20 years and I'm in my 40's and the old adage "let it run it's course" is not working for me after 30 years of it running my skin. It's bad for my career, bad for when I travel to warm climates and can't go anywhere without oil absorption, and bad for my ego, dammit!

I tried antibiotics earlier this year with some success but it's gotten worse since I got off them, and also because I've tried every single topical under the sun, including (what I consider to be a ripoff of green-colored Aunt Edna smelling alcohol) Proactiv.

I got two opinions in one day, and they both suggested Accutane is pretty much the answer for me right now. In fact one of them said immediately when he walked in that "you're one of the few males who never got rid of his acne, aren't you?". Tell me about it!

Will try to keep a journal on my experience. Any older males who have tried it or are on it, I'd love to read your story.

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Hi...Im in my 40's and been on accutane 5 months now.

Over the past 20 something years that i've been fighting ance accutane is the only thing that has ever keep me clear and one of the best things i have done in my fight against acne.

The first 3 months i was on 40mgs & now on 80mgs.Im doing a 8 month course im 6'4" 250lbs.

Being in my 5th month im about 95% clear still getting a few verry small whiteheads & have a small cyst on my neck but my face hasent look this good in years

Best of luck to you & all the best

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