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why don't you try something cheaper first and see if it works for you, i'm using the cleanser from acnefree and its working well if u rly want to give try a kit instead of just buying a cleanser and moisturizer (and toner if u want) give acnefree a try

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I tried proactive for over a year when I was younger and it did not work at all. When my mom called to cancel the subscription, they refused to believe her when she said the reason was that it simply was not working. They then said that I should try the stronger version of their product- why would you not start with the stronger version?? Maybe it would help someone who gets an occasional pimple or two, but if you have real acne I think the only way to go is to see a dermatologist.

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I agree Swimmer...

One should watch the ingredients (such as amounts of Salicylic acid and Benzoyl Peroxide). Phisoderm w/ Salicylic acid works great for me because the salicylic acid helps to loosen dirt (cleaner face) and treat pimples w/ slight drying affect (I have combination skin). My son has oily skin and is a teen, he uses Phisoderm w/ Salicylic acid as well as toners/lotions with a higher percentage of Benzoyl Peroxicide. He makes sure to leave the toner on for 2-3 hours, then he washes it off (due to skin irritation), every other night he puts the lotion (w/ acne med) on and leaves it on all night. One has to find out what works with their skin sensitivity levels I suppose.

I had tried Proactiv (before they had stronger product available) and it did not work for me either... now I suffer from hormonal acne (began in my mid-thirties) and find that the only thing that works is Spironolactone (prescribed by my dermatologist for hormonal acne).

A lot of trial and error (and research on the net)! This site helps a lot! A big thank you to everyone! I agree with Swimmergirl in the fact that if [you have insurance] SEE A DERMATOLOGIST - it makes finding solutions to a (sometimes) mentally dilbilitating skin condition a whole lot easier (but there can still a lot of trial and error)!



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It was... okay. For how expensive it was, I was expecting something a little bit better, but in my experience, it works just as well as the stuff I can get at Walmart or CVS.

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Proactive is fine to try. One thing you do need to do though is let the dermatologist know that the meds he prescribed didn't work for you so he can add this to your medical records

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it all depends on your skin type. i really never use proactiv i guess because i never really heard anything positive about proactiv. and it´s kind of expensive, and i just think that other products with natural stuff can help you with your acne and they are quite cheap. i just learn that the more chemical stuff that we put in our skin to kill the acne the more acne we will get. i don´t like those products that works wonders at first but then when we stop using it, it just brings you more acne than ever.

i wouldn´t really recommend you to start using proactiv again because, it can make your acne worst just try a new medication.

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