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FDA Approves a new facial filler

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From the Wall Street Journal, 8/4/04:

FDA approved a new facial filler likely to be used for cosmetic applications.

Called Sculptra, it will become available in the 3rd quarter of this year.

Sculptra, whose effects have been shown to last as long as two years, represents a new option for filling in large areas of the face and cheeks. It's part of a new class of fillers that are believed to stimulate skin cells to increase skin volume and thus last longer.

The last filler to receive FDA approval was Restylane, late last year.

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Over 6 grand for some plastic beads? {Insert politically incorrect joke about Manhattan and Native Americans here}. This is the same substance as NewFill with a new Americanized name. It is FDA approved for HIV patients with facial wasting. Like all fillers, it has been used in Europe for many years, so I'm sure the best medical data is from England, Germany etc. Hopefully by the time my Restylane wears off, there will be better fillers than this, but the more the merrier. Thanks a lot for posting the info.

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Yes, I actually have looked into that one. From my research it just doesn't last very long. (the formula is: divide the amount of time that the company claims it will last by 1/2, and that's how long it will last, unless you try chewing or kissing) Plus, it wasn't available in the states yet when I looked into it a few months ago, although it may be by now on a limited basis. I totally like the fact that it's grown from your own skin though! (That's 1 reason I got the Restylane; I want no part of a cow, rooster or dead human injected into my face - not without some serious prize money from the fear factor show) bb_eusa_sick.gif I bet the future of fillers is going to be all about using something from our own bodies. Along those lines: I think that fat is probably very good for filling in larger places, but they need to chill out with the processing! I think they run it through a machine to remove the blood and other bits, but it ruins a lot of the fat. Also it costs way too much just to suck fat from your stomach and inject it back into your face. If I was already fat though... bb_idea.gifbb_eusa_think.gif

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