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Ive been at war with shaving and bumps..I think i cracked the problem.

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I tried everything, wet shaving with unscented glycirine soap to avoid pore clogging/fragrance, tried double edge razors, the hydra multi super blades, hydrating face right under the shower head to make hairs as soft as possible, shaving brushes, creams, after shave, pre shave, electric razors ect.. but tho it helped, I ALWAYS seemed to get shaving bumps, but in these shaving bumps when popped and removed fully there didn't seem to be any sort of ingrown hair there, just annoying angry red bumps.. It didn't seem to make sense to me.. shaving bumps = ingrown hair.. but wheres the hair?. At first I thought I was accidentally ripping the hair out of the pore, but I did everything to get the Most PERFECT tug free shave, But amazingly It just made the problem worse... I fwas kinda blown away and felt hopeless.

Today, and I'm not sure I'm right about this, I dissected the the puss of one of those huge explosive red bumps I swear I'm getting from shaving, and noticed a thin short white hair that I couldn't see be before due to it begin the same color as the puss.

Now from here I looked at my face, and looked really close at the skin and noticed this short fuzz in between the much thicker black hairs, and I was like thats it!, these hairs are shorter and grow slower than the black hairs, so if you cut them flushly by to much pressure or to many strokes, these things get caught under under the skin and blow up into black heads, pimples, and even sometimes boils.

The conclusion I came to is Younger people, with this white fuzz (I'm 20) Inbetween there thicker black hair cannot shave closely or els your going to break out every time.

I'm gonna give you guys an update, right now my face is suffering from the super smooth close shave I had 2 days ago.

Just do right preps.. shower, face soaked in hot water, shaving cream, and trim very lightly the thicker hairs, and make sure never to let that blade touch your skin.

I think this will work.

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