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Vitamin A After Accutane

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If I had a bad experience with Accutane, is it safe to eat foods containing vitamin A after my treatment?

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Yes its fine, just stay away from polar bear livers :). I'm assuming this is part of a relatively balanced diet.

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Vitamin A is great if you take it from whole food sources like carrot juice,But take to much of anything and its bad. The reason acttane is bad is because it is a altered version of vitamin A, it overdoses your system and causes all types of problems.

I've decided to stay away from Vit. A.

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Vitamin A started getting so damn expensive for me (between the carrots and the sweet potatoes)... but damn, I love them sweet potatoes, homie. If I could, I'd be eating sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch and diner... 7 days a week.

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Unless you're planning on eating liver, there is no point in avoiding any other food. Foods with beta carotene (carrots, sweet potatoes) do not contain vitamin A. The beta carotene is used by the body as needed and the rest is excreted. I'm pretty sure only animal products contain vitamin A in the retinol form.

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Looking at it from my point of view.

If vitamin A is in so much food, its not dangerous. Vitamin E is something you should consider trying. I havnt been on tane, but i tell you now, my skin has been so much healthier with

vitamin E.

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