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ive been battling with acne for 5 years, there were times that it clears up but there are times that they breakout so bad.. im getting depressed because i've tried different products already. ive been to a derma and used clidamycin solutions and stuff, one day they're gone, but persistenly comes back again. a reunion with friends are coming up and what am i suppose to do? I am really depressed? I am thinking of trying sulfur soaps, wonder if they're effective? :confused:

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I would say, if you are clear right now and your reunion is close, just don't do anything. But if you have acne for 5 years, I would suggest to change your diet, eat well, drink enough water, take Flax seed oil or Grape seed oil/extract, use some mild soap for your face (see Effaclar products or a soap based on tea tree oil), change pillow cover, read about egg masks and a moisturizer that contain some vegetable oil. Research and give yourself time to try.

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When you say times that you're clear and times you break out, is it in any way connected to your monthly cycle? If the cause of your acne is hormonal (even not connected to your period, as mine was) anti-bacterial products probably aren't going to be the solution, because the problem starts underneath the skin.

Are you currently on any BC pill right now? (or other hormone replacement)

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