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I was wondering.. my derm offers a line of glycolic acid stuff and claims it helps acne .Has anyone had experience with this ? They told me after using the products i may experience and initial breakout because it pulls the impurities to the surface.I am just wondering if others have used this stuff for the trreatment of their active acne and blackheads .If so did u have sucess with it? any replies would be appreciated

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I don't think it helps with acne you have now but in a long stretch I guess it does help... The Glycolic Acid dissolves excess oil and helps fade those red spots that are acne aftermath. So I guess if the oil is prevented it helps prevent breakouts? Long STTRREETTCCHHH.

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I am currently using a Glycolic wash that I got from my dermatologist office. I think it deffinately works. I rarely have flare ups anymore, now I am just trying to get rid of the leftover scars. I use the wash and then apply a glycolic lotion 20-30 minutes later so my skin does not get completly dried out.

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For me, glycolic definitely helps with the small stuff, but the big ones don't budge with the Glycolic.

Also, because it's an acid you should start using it every other day at first. After a week you can go to every day but if you notice your skin becoming annoyingly flaky (even with good moisturizers) then go back to every other day.

I use Murad and I swear my skin is very clear where I don't have the damn cystic acne (in other words, my forehead, nose, and upper cheeks are clear as day!)

Good luck

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It never got rid of my acne, but I thought it definately improved the over all quality of my skin. I've always loved this stuff called "aqua glycolic" the face wash and face cream were great. I don't use them anymore just because I'm on the regimen and it's all just a little too expensive for me. But yeah, glycolic acid is good stuff!


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