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Trying to be Dairy-Free with family SMH...

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I am 1000% sure dairy is the cause of my breakouts as I have proven time and time again ... You'd be surpised what all dairy is in also of things you wouldnt believe. Im sure others that go through being dairy free know how hard it is to not be normal when friends go get some pizza or this and that.... it really is messed up but i rather be like that then eating it and breaking out

Recently I slipped up and ate alot of doublestuff oreos even after reading the label where it did not list any dairy but it said it was made in the same facility with dairy and im now paying for it smh

another gripe is that when you live in your familys house and it seems like they specifically buy stuff with dairy in it which i know its almost in everything but it just makes it so much harder when you dont stay on your own and do the grocery shopping.. im sure if i was on my own i could handle it alot better by getting non dairy everything

oh the battles of this stupid acne i remember as a kid eating ice cream and pizza with no worries... i gotta watch double now this oreo episode really pissed me off

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I wouldn't worry about whether or not Double Stuff Oreos are made in a facility that has processes that uses milk. I would worry about the sugar content of these, I don't even know what you'd called them, maybe highly processed garbage? Now that is something to worry about.

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smh am I the only one it pisses off when family take it as a joke and taunt about everything with dairy and make sure to talk about it

i cant wait to be on my own where I can do my own thing and get my own groceries smh

the only thing im fixin to eat for thanksgiving is gonna be turkey

it seems like they try to trick it in too has some cream of chicken esparogus trying to say it dont contain cheese or butter and getting cookies and taking them out the packaging where i cant see the ingriendents etc...

smfh ridicoulous

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Even if I could see the ingredients list, I wouldn't touch cookies if I were you. From my limited experience with baking cookies and cakes, butter is usually a necessary ingredient.

Further, like CoolGuy68 said, I would avoid highly processed junk on top of just dairy.

I've been on a non-dairy and low sugar diet for over two months now and even I am surprised by the fact that no amount of temptation can trigger off my former cravings for cheese, sweets, desserts and the like anymore.

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