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Any suppliment suggestions that might work better for adults?

Right now I currently take low doses of Vitamin A and Zinc, and was wondering if anyone has tried other vitamins to help acne that work better for adults rather than teens. Please let me know of anything.

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If you google "acne and [insert supplement]" you will find results lol. Zinc and fish oil are the most used ones. Zinc monothionine (or optizinc) is the best type of zinc for acne. Chromium, selenium, vit c, vit e, vit d, and a B complex are always purportedly good. Then there are the hundreds of herbal like turmeric and aged garlic

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I don't know off-hand of any nutrient (as opposed to anti-biotic) study that separates out adult response from overall response; OTOH, I'm not sure large-dose niacin has been tested on anybody under 18.

The two supplements with the best research evidence of statistical improvement for acne are zinc and niacin (the latter you may already be getting via a Vitamin B complex pill, though not necessarily in the dosages studied).

It's interesting that the latest zinc (Optizinc) study of 3*15mg/day showed no improvement until after 8 weeks of usage.

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