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Jojoba oil in lieu of moisturizer?

What do u guys think? Would it be cool to just heap on jojoba oil after cleansing, leave it on for about 30 mins to 1 hour, dab the excess off, and apply treatment? Foregoing the moisturizer afterwards? And doing this 2x a day?

Dan's new moisturizer doesn't work well for me for some reason. After I use it I get these crazy clumps on my skin, from what - I don't know. It could be leftover dry skin, it could be the BP getting unsettled, or it could just be the moisturizer balling up. Whatever the case, it sucks.

So do you guys think it's way cool to use just jojoba? Seems like I'd be saving money on moisturizer too.

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You could defo try. I swear by jojoba oil and use it like crazy. For awhile I was using only it as my moisturizer, but after awhile I felt like my skin was getting quite leathery. Like, it had lost all softness. When I added it to my moisturizer, it really seemed to improve.

Experiment though, you may have a different experience.

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I'm sure you could.

I apply loads of oil after cleansing and apply my BP, and it never really feels like i NEED to moisturize, but i do anyway because i love mine, and it makes my skin look all dewy instead of just matte like after i apply BP.

but if your skin starts to feel EXTRA dry, i'd look into other moisturizers, cetaphil works great with some oil. Hell, any moisturizer i've used seems to go on a LOT smoother without clumping with a good amount of oil mixed into it.

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I've been doing this for the past 5 days (I'm only 10 days into the regimen, however) and it's honestly been working wonders! At first I was having a lot of trouble with the moisturizer (CeraVe) and BP combo, it made my face sting really badly and my face appeared a bit orange. Lately, I've been omitting the moisturizer and just using jojoba oil instead. Sometimes I apply the jojoba before the BP and sometimes after. Honestly though my skin looks so much better now than on the 3rd or 4th day of the regimen.

Hope this helps!

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