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Whiteheads - Someone Help Me Out!

I don't know where these keep coming from! The only things I use on my face are jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and a toner. The cleansers I use I'm pretty sure are okay for me. I also put some epsom salt, and sea sat on my face during cleansing. I also use exfoliators.

I can only think of the following:

- Cleansing too harshly

- Popping them leads to more

- Diet

- Stress

I try to not pop when I can, but it is just too difficult for me to go to classes with these things spread over my mouth and such. Then my face is all red, and the next day, more whiteheads; it's a terrible cycle. Also, I try to eat fruits (apples, bananas, berries), green tea, vegetables (carrots, spinach, celery), tuna, crab, salmon, and water. I'm not perfect about the diet all the time (chicken tenders, pizza, and chips), but I've been doing this for maybe a week or two now. I take vitamin and fish oil supplements.

I really need advice.. I wish it wasn't Thanksgiving tomorrow, now I have to face my family...

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I have the same problem except that it was from my football helmet and I found that irratation causes these white heads. Doesn't the tea tree oil dry out the white heads?

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U should reduce the fructose, though still eat vegetables, and also try to get a regular sleep pattern and stay outside much - if you do those changes and still continue whatever u do now u will probably get rid of them

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