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Juice Fasting

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Alright, so I have read several posts on juice fasting, and I am interested in attempting one. I have fasted before, and I love the mental focus I gain from it. However, fasting is also a pain in the ass because I love my food. So, can anyone recommend some juice fasts I can try. I've heard of apple juice and others. What about cabbage juice? I don't know -- what has everyone tried? Thanks.

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Am I really that deplorable? I never get responses when I post. Is there some secret society I have to join first before others can communicate with me?

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i think you're the only one interested in juice fasting.

i doubt that it will help acne at all.

its better to just eat a steady diet of healthy foods, rather than deprive the body of some essential nutrients during a fast.

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It works beautifully while you are fasting....it's just once you stop fasting is when you start breaking out again.... blink.gif

You need to get to the root of what is causing your acne. Could be a congested liver, congested bowel, or candida.

I did several long fasts and always had great skin while fasting and perhaps a few weeks after I quit the fast, but my acne always came back eventually because I never got to the root cause of my acne, which for me, was a severely congested liver, congested bowel, and candida. So I had all three situations to deal with, not just one. bb_eusa_wall.gifbb_eusa_dance.gif

But I'm totally clear and stay totally clear as long as I keep my liver clean and my bowel clean.

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