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Do you think it's wrong for a 13 year old girl to wear powder?

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Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl who has acne, mostly a bunch red marks by now, with a couple zits. My skin is SO oily it's not even funny. It'll get shiny within less than an hour. It's not caused by my diet, as I've been careful with that (no candy, greasy foods, sugar, white flour, most processed foods, I basically live off salad.) So, I use a talc free powder to help control the shine. Do you think it's weird that I use powder? After all, I'm only 13, and I don't really like the idea of using powder, but I don't want to look all oily.

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I think it's fine -- I and many other girls that I knew started experimenting with makeup at the beginning of middle school (age 11). The only reason not to is if your parents or school have a rule against it. (Also, make sure the powder isn't contributing to your breakouts, and make sure that you apply it with a clean brush, don't share makeup with your friends -- spreads bacteria -- and wash it all off at night.)

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It's just powder,and you're doing it to cover up a problem. I started wearing foundation when I was 14 to cover up acne.

Just don't get all crazy with blush,bronzer,and eye makeup and you're fine. You might look fine to other 13 year olds,but the rest of the world is wondering why you look like a clown.

Also ask your parents if you're allowed =P

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i don't think there's a problem with it. any facial makeup is meant to give you a healthy looking complexion. when i was in middle school there were girls who were wearing much more than that, and i also didn't think there was a problem with it. there's ways of applying makeup where it doesn't age you.

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It depends which route you want to go down. As everyone knows, make-up doesn't cure acne, it just covers it. (and in many cases with allergies or poor quality products, it can even make it worse)

My personal preference is skincare first, make-up second. It's not a moral, you're-too-young-young-lady thing I have against it, but rather fixing the problem where I can just makes more sense to me.

At your age, you're probably going through huge hormone fluctuations right now, which is most likely causing the over-oily skin. Have you experimented with using non-alcohol toners to keep the oil down?

Also, the oiliness might be caused by over-washing. Sometimes when you strip your face of its natural oils with strong cleansers, it fights back by producing way more than you need. (which often then continues the cycle of over-washing to get rid of all the oil)

If all this sounds like stuff you've already tried, like others have said, there's no issue in wearing powder as a solution. I'm merely wondering if there's a better solution for you out there waiting to be found.

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Nah, not weird at all, unless you're going the whole hog and applying every other cosmetic on your face. I started using powder at 15, just because it evened out my skin tone and reduced shine. Just don't use more than necessary, and try blotting papers. That way you don't clog your pores with powder all the time.

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