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Had my 1st consult in Sydney today

Hey yall incase you didnt know i moved from melbourne to sydney and previously booked in consults for what looked like the top places in and around sydney.

First stop was Mosman. I looked up this place on the net and looked pretty good and had decent amount of info on acne scarring and how they provide punch excision, subcision, lasers, needling etc so really impressive because a lot of websites focus on anti ageing and when you consult they say, well same techniques for acne scarring but obviously you'd rather a doctor who does acne scarring as well not focusing on wrinkles and lines.

Got there, parking was a mess. Drove around for ages in the underground carpark (it's in a small shopping mall) no parking there, drove out got lost came back no park ended up finding one.

Waited for a while and then the receptionist called me in and said to the doctor, he just came from melbourne bla bla pretty friendly people.

Doctor was sitting in a very unprofessional way with his leg out and slouching forward. After shaking his hand I suddenly realised, this doctor has some kind of illness/problem. Turrets or something sorry for my lack of knowledge but you know, he couldnt keep still and was bending his arms everywhere and his legs were stretched out and his speech was blurred and I was in shock. I didnt know what the hell to make of it. One hand I was thinking, I just wasted my whole time coming here and this poor doctor has this problem why wasnt I told or something i dont know and the other side was like, he's a certified cosmedic doctor and been doing it for a long time, just give him a go.

We started talking scars and he DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT FRAXEL RESTORE or vbeam was and he was googling it INFRONT OF ME. I mean, at this point i said to myself, ok treat this dude like he was completely 'normal' so inside I got pissed off at him not knowing two of the most famous treatments for scarring and discolouration.

He seemed to know more about punch ex and subcison and needling then the lasers even though he had a laser there. There were times when he was concentrating and he's stay a lot more still and i guess when he's concentrating doing procedures he stays relatively still but waht if he does one of those sudden movement and tears your whole cheek? I mean, he told me he's done hundreds of excisions and needling and he was VERY HONEST about the success rate of subcision and explained how lumps after excision are formed because some doctors do it too roughly and hard and said that only 50% of his patients experience good results and the others keep going onto other treatments.

He really though i should get into needling and subcision and at the very last straw, do punch excision but said he'd rather try dermal fillers then do excision bcoz of the potential bad scarring it could leave.

They asked if i'd like to go ahead with a treatment and I said no thanks. Craziest thing is that they treat under medicare so it's ALL FREE. Well, first treatment is anyway of subcision and needling.

I have another consult this week in South Sydney so wish me luck. It's at a plastic surgery.

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hey, he sounds like an interesting man. The medicare thing sounds great (ive never been offered that before - except when a doc in Neutral Bay was going to do a $7000 traditional CO2 laser treatment).

good luck with your other consults. by the sounds of it, you are seeing different doctors to the ones i saw...so you might end up with some real good ones.

keep us informed with how you go :)

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will do gimme. I saw one in neutral bay peachcosmetics i think. Is that the one youre talking about?

nah peach cosmetics is in Darlinghurst. i remember mentioning that to you a while back, when you said you were into excisions. i've never been there, but i liked the look of them. i also remember you saying you wanted to go to a plastic surgeon so someone else is probably better suited.

the places ive been to are:

- ICCM: these people were cute...they knew nothing about scars but they were the first people i ever saw :) i never had a treatment through them, but they seemed nice enough. i wouldnt really recommend them though.

- Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic: Recommended I have a $7000 traditional CO2 laser treatment and said i could claim some of it back on Medicare. They refused to show me pics and the nurse there implied i was getting ripped off. lol she said i have better skin than most people undergoing this treatment and that any pic would only turn me off a treatment...i guess that led my imagination to run wild a bit. Dudley also said it wasnt a good idea and i trust him on that.

- Dr Jack Ting at Coogee - hes evil. when i saw him he was so egotistical and wouldnt let me speak. he kept insisting fraxel restore was the best and spent the whole time showing me his awards. all the pics he was showing me had people who looked so much worse after each treatment. i quickly ran out of there and never looked back. im glad, especially since ive read some very negative reviews of him since.

- Cosmetic Medical in Surry Hills - although this guy wouldnt let me speak too, he is extremely well educated. He often has to cancel his appointments because hes working on people with burns at the nearby hospital. He also does the exoderm peel which is by far one of the most complex scar procedures around. He was honest and said he wouldnt do too much for my scars - mainly because he didnt want to ruin my skin. He was going to zap a few scars with a co2 laser and then do a tca peel on me. He was definitely the most realistic and suprisingly the cheapest. He refused to do tca cross on me though, as he believed my skin would never recover, hence i never saw him. i definitely recommend him for you though :)

- i saw a plastic surgeon in hurstville. he recommended either dermabrasions or excisions. he thought i was being excessive though, so i didnt like him...if only i could remember his name!

anyhoo, if you are considering seeing any of the above, i hope this information helps you. again, you seem to be seeing very different people to me!

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Good Luck Buddy! I really hope Sydney goes well for you. Have you moved there by yourself or did you go with friends a g/f? It was for work wasnt it?

Anyway, I hope you find what you have been looking for. xx

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My skin reacted badly to fraxel restore on the highest setting so Id hate to think what repair would do. I actually went to a doctor who provides repair and she refused stating that my skin type would in all likeness be permanently hyperpigmentated. Restore has left brown patches around my mouth area and I continue to use heavy amounts of suncream over one year after my last restore treatment. This is why I've been turned off TCA cross. Don't know if my skin can handle such aggressive treatment.

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