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What finally got me clear, even after ACCUTANE failed

My struggle with acne started in 8th grade and since then, I had almost given up hope, being confined to my house on days I did not feel comfortable with my face, missing social events, hanging out with friends, etc. I finally talked my parents into letting me take accutane in the middle of my freshman year. Best 6 months of my life, I almost forgot what acne was. However, not even 4 months after my course was done, it all came back with a vengeance. There was no way I was going to take accutane again, after all the problems it caused in my stomach. I stumbled upon this site and read about the regimen. I did it for about the 3 weeks and it DID help. But it only cleared me up a little and I was still getting big cystic pimples, especially on my nose(and we all know how bad those suck). I was in walgreens one day buying some more BP cream when the OXY Daily Wash with 10 percent BP caught my eye. After 3 weeks of using the 2.5, I figured my skin should probably be able to handle it. I went home and started off using it Monday, only at night because it tended to temporarily make my face red. 2 weeks later I had the clearest face I had had since I got off accutane a year ago. I am not saying Dan's regimen is bad, but I think that if your skin can handle it, you should take more aggressive treatment to get faster results.

No more watching my diet, being paranoid that certain foods make me break out

No more staying at home

No more wasting money on acne washes that dont work

No more constantly looking at the mirror hoping for a clear face

I just wanted to put out a helpful regimen to hopefully help some people out, since I've pretty much been through the whole 9 yards(retin a, antibiotics, countless acne washes, and accutane) I dont know what makes the oxy wash work so good but I have a feeling it is a hidden gem that could help a lot more people out.

Details of regimen:

Morning- wash with oxy face wash for 5 to 10 seconds with a small amount, working your way up as you grow more tolerant to it. DO NOT put too much at first or it WILL BURN. Apply a good moisturizer WITH SUNSCREEN. DO NOT overlook this step or you will regret it.

Night- wash with cetaphil cleanser for 5 to 10 seconds, pat dry with towel, and apply walgreens AHA cream, which helps with the flaking and dryness of the BP. Start off small with that stuff too and work your way up. This stuff is AMAZING and counteracts all negatives of BP while exfoliating and evening out skin tone.

Warning- you will peel, flake, and have dry skin for 2 weeks, but soldier on. It will be worth it

I AM NOT GUARANTEEING THIS WILL WORK FOR EVERYONE. Once again I am not hating on Dan's regime either, I think it hit the nail on the head about getting rid of acne.I just want to put this out here because I feel this has given me FASTER results than Dan's regime and if you are tired of waiting, this might be a good thing to try. Everybody has different skin so this might be too harsh of a treatment for some. But most of us here have tried everything under the sun so we have pretty tough skin haha.

Oxy face wash- 6 dollars

walgreens aha- 6 dollars

good moisturizer- 4 dollars

16 dollars CLEARED my stubborn teenage acne and I got it all at Walgreens! and it might just work for you so if you have persistent, moderate acne TRY IT!!!! the 600 dollars i spent on accutane couldnt beat this!

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