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I'm a 19 year old male and around four months ago I was prescribed Atralin for my moderate jawline-area acne (some whiteheads, mostly just red bumps and red dots under the skin right above the right and left jawbones). I've had this acne for pretty much all of my high school years. In middle school I had acne on my forehead; now I have practically none there. After months of nightly use of Atralin, I really don't feel like it's done all that well. So, I started to think that maybe I should get off of it and see what my body does on its own. I've never given that a chance; I've always been trying SOMETHING; salicylic acid, bp, etc.

So, I haven't used it for two or three nights. All I've done is wash my face twice a day with the acne.org cleanser. Two pimples have popped up (on top of the red dots under my skin that are always there and probably the worst part) but that happened regularly on atralin.

So.. Is this a good idea? Is there some chance that my body will handle this better than medication? Or is this misguided? If so, should I go back on it or try out the regimen on this site? I'm doubtful that this site's regimen will work since I was prescribed benzaclin (bp + clindamycin) prior to being prescribed atralin and it didn't work all that well.

I've also read that Atralin helps the healing of scars. Like I said, I have very few actual pimples on my face. However, the area of my skin is covered with red/brownish dots under the skin. That's the majority of what makes it look bad. Are these scars? If so, is my decision to not use atralin extra stupid?


also: i have dry skin everywhere on my body except the jaw area. my hands, arms, and even cheeks are very dry. dunno if that means anything...

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