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Accutane after Bell's Palsy?

I've had Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face back in May. Most of the symptoms are gone, except the soreness on my neck & face. I'm also suffering from nodular cystic acne on the right side of my face as well :mad: . I started getting them in October. The rest of my face is clear. My derm said I can go on a low dose Accutane. Has anyone gone on Accutane after having Bell's Palsy?

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I don't know what effect accutane might have on your previous condition with regard to Bell's Palsey. For the majority of accutane users the side effects are fairly minimal, but in a few cases they can be quite serious. How Bell's Palsey enters the equation is unknown to me.

However, let me pose this to you: If you derm says it is okay and that derm went to medical school then did a dermatology residence somewhere, it would seem that he or she has a fair amount of medical knowledge and training. In other words, informed medical opinion. Physicians are not infallable, however, and errors in diagnosis and treatment are made every day. I can understand you concern.

Now the question: If you are curious about the derm's treatment of you, why not get a second opinion from someone who is informed and trained, such as another dermatologist instead of going to a message board composed of laypersons whose knowledge of the subject is always questionable at best. After reading many posts over the last three plus years, I daresay that very few people on this board even know what Bell's Palsy is, much less are capable of giving sound advice on whether you should take a medication or not.

In other words: if you question the treatment plan, get a second opinion from another derm.

Joe Zit

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