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i just got a scrip for differin 0.3 percent gel.Will this stuff cause you to break out when you first start using if like retin a does? I really cant find any info on it at all if it will give you an initial breakout or not.anyone?I also notice theres a differin 0.1 also.is the o.3 more drying?thanks

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Hi. You could get an initial breakout, a lot of people do. Or you may not. But I would say most likely yes. Search the boards "Differin" or retinoids, there is a lot of information there. :)

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Both Differin and Retin-A are forms of retinoids. They work in a similar way, so yes, an initial breakout is likely. They both increase cell turnover rate, but Differin (with the active ingredient adapalene) is a synthetic retinoid while Retin-A is a natural retinoid. In general, Differin is milder, so the side effects aren't as harsh as they might be with Retin-A. Here's a post with a good overview on the different types of retinoids.

And since 0.3% has a higher concentration of the active ingredient, it will most likely be more drying than the 0.1% Differin. I've been using the 0.3% formulation for about 2.5 months, and I'm still not clear, although it IS slowly getting better.

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.03 works great. please note you will likely break out after a few weeks and it could last for 6 weeks depending on the severity of your acne. But things will improve. if it is drying... which it is for me, just apply moisturizer like CeraVe or Cetaphil.

using clindimycin antibiotic solution on top of the differin might lessen initial breakouts.

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