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Need some help/advice on diet & acne

Hey guys im Ryan and 19 living in LA. First time post and thanks for advance for reading this essay. First I want to start by saying I had bad acne in high school and went on accutane in 11th grade and it basically removed my acne. Last year around spring it resurfaced and I have no idea why. I am in college and did drink a considerable amount, but kept the rest of my diet clean. Now I don't eat any dairy or drink booze, only eat white meat, eat gluten free bread and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I am a weightlifter though so I do need to eat a lot of food. I go through 4 loaves of gluten free bread a week (brand is "food for life"), and thats about 10 slices a day. I read online that gluten free is good for acne but just discovered it may be high in the glycemic index. I also eat around 160 grams of protein to make sure I am building muscle. I really have no idea what to do or where to turn.

And I am using Benzaclin (5%) with tazroac (0.1%). I also do a great job of washing my face and also take vitamins a, c, b-100 and daily multi. I also drink aloe vera juice and lemon juice every morning and night. I also poke a hole in a vitamin e tablet to spread over my face as I believe I have some pigmentation marks from previously healed wounds. I am doing everything right (you can tell I have done a good deal of research) but am still breaking out. It is really frustrating and any advice I can get would be awesome.

Thanks so much

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2 identical topics merged. There is no need to cross-post on these boards; all it does is create clutter and make threads hard to follow. If you have any information to share or questions in the future, please only start ONE thread about them. Thanks!

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