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Regimen only at night?

ive used bp plenty times before and ive been on the official regimen for over 2 weeks now but my skin is really really super sensitive so im wondering if i can get away with just apply the bp at night instead of two times a day? i realize that your skin is supposed to get used to the bp more and more eventually but my skin isnt just like peeling or flaking my whole cheeks and especially my chin have flakes that just cannot be removed whether i use jojoba oil or whatever. besides the oil makes these red bug bite lookin things appear all over my face so thats a no go even tho i wish i could use it. and trust me i use lots of moisturizer (cerave).

id say i have about a 6 or 7 for acne problems on a scale from one to ten,its not horrible but its bad enough as to where ill get a new pimple every few days or so usually. so im paranoid about only using bp at night cuz im worried about pimples forming during the day when i have no bp on know what i mean? please someone help me out here that would be AWESOME.

oh and by the way whenever i get a pimple/zit it ALWAYS LEAVES BEHIND A MARK. its weird cuz i never had this problem even a few years ago then all of a sudden every time i get a zit,boom major hypepigmentation. and it doesnt go away. i have dark/tan skin so that doesnt help either. its not the bp either thats causing it i know that. so any suggetions to make these marks go away? that aha stuff doesnt work very well so anything else? thanks guys.

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You may just need to step down the amount of BP you apply until you're fully used to it. Twice a day is still the best if you're not fully clear.

Time, staying out of the direct sun, wearing sun screen, etc, all those will help with red marks. I'd say do not use the AHA yet as you're only two weeks into the regimen.

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