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JEI on accutane!

hi my name is jei and im 28 years old...

i started having acne in 2005 so ive been wanting to get rid of this.. its actually my 2nd course.. and my first course worked out fine.. never had breakouts.. but i was dry--really dry..

and i stopped the treatment after 3months (how stupid!)

anyway, now that im taking my second course im really hoping it turns out well.. its my 2nd month week 2,and im not done breaking out yet! HORRIBLE!!!

yesterday, they dropped me to 20mg/day coz i easily get inflamed with 40mg/day.. i dunno why... and heres whats worse! i get itchy everytime i use my moisturizer.. why o why?! so this morning, i just left my face with nothing.. so now im really dry hehe..

is it ok to leave it like that?

when will i see good results? :(



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hi! good luck with your course!

hrmm i don't think its a good idea to keep ur face dry.. its going to irritate your skin more esp since its already sensitive. I think u just need to find the most gentle lotion.... that way it won't itch. Maybe try to figure out what ingredient you are more sensitive to on the lotion which makes u itchy. i know my friend is allergic to one specific lotion but has no problems with others.

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