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Guest pokemonster

oookay this IS IT!!

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I'm back! Day 1 completed and ticked off of the calender. YAY!! :cool:

Started regime too!

I kept on automatically touching face, but I've realised it's when i'm on the computer, phone or watching TV (so I am less aware of what I am doing with my hands!) But today haven't touched face at all. woo! Also I have decided to try and kick the habit of biting my lips/gums - started that this morning. I might as well go for it all.

Fuglee - don't worry about having a day off, but treat Monday as a new week and a new start :) Well done for not picking.

PS has anyone else struggled with depression/anxiety and feel skin picking may be linked to this?

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

day 3!

guess whaa? didnt pick, didnt attempted to and didnt even touch at all! hows that huh? :)

so im pretty confident about this right now, just another 97 days at pace like this, piece of cakee :snooty: , can do this! :P

jk jk, honestly i now know it can be all blown away totally suddenly

bcs also if u remember those days ago i was like: bam i picked ppl and ruined it all x(..suddenly, without explanation, well that was bcs something sudden happened and depressed me + stress, cause me to pick, so there LittleMissChatterbox example for u how depression can cause picking. but srsly (oh beginners..:rolleyes: lol no offence) u didnt know that? anxiety, stress, depression all this shiz is most straigtly linked to ocd things. and im like walking depression itself, and been picking like mad all this time, just now im fed up with all of that and just gotta force myself to stop no matter whaaat, will be more careful next time when something suddenly unhappy happens, bcs dun wanna loose this deff!

(but why in the world cant random unexpected happy stuff happen oftenly :goaway: instead of random shit all the time :doh: am i somekind of trouble magnet srsly! cant help but think about this..anyone else like this? like when u r surrounded with probs and there allways something else pops up to bug your mind? :huh:)

and LittleMissChatterbox' keewl! ;) just keep it up this way!!

now i just wonder hows ivanna going there :ermm: havent heard of her for some time now, if everythings ok she should be ahead of all of us right now, just hope she didnt pick or something! :confused:

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

PEEEPL!! D'x im like srsly crying at my heart right now cuz ppl i picked!!! u_u''

i freekin shamelessly picked 1 dried whitehead (ugliest shit evr on the ugliest possible place, just couldnt let it there for all day, nowayz) at morning, i did it very gently n all n thought damn but well i can still use once in 5 days option but then at evening was kind of depressed (i watched 1 of my fav movies evr and it has this main character with flawless skin, and me soo upset about myself n uknow..) and then i plucked off another 4! >_<

so yea i totally suck and failed again and im just a waste of air and space -_-

tbh everything with my determinations last months are absolutelly falling apart, sleeping regimen (going sleep no earlier than 3-7am o.O) and just cant fix for good my diet as well, well i just cant we have too much dairy n chocolate at home >_< oh and also i went to sleep yesterday without doing no regimen (ppl best damn thing, try sometimes) and slept soo well (no oils no shit, could even cravl under blanket with my kat, was so warm and cuddly, best sleep evr, yea! :thumbsup:)

but uknow what!! blah blah blah thats it!! ive been on whole year with perfect regimen, i cant let it go down like this now, when i finally got some control over this pcking shit, so thats it!

from tomorrow..imma gonna go and buy fcking spinach and..EAT IT! and then im gonna force myself to wake up early at morning so that i finally get sleepy at proper time and go sleep right, ill apply everything right and fuk mirrors, wont look at them at all, so that i can pretend all day that im superpretty so that through fckin magical lawofattraction (this shit better be working or else!) it would finally apply on my fukin faace and yea no picking anymore, not even out of face area (bcs this just dares hands to more freedom, but it will be rule for only me ok) so yea..

ITS TOMORROW OR NEVER! >_< if i screw up this time (this is already 3rd or 4th time omg :cry: ) punch meh in da face, yo!

*ok im very sorry for this emo +grammarmess n shit but hey either bare me or dont read this at all duh, soo if u just read this blame yourself, bcs i dun care if i wasted time of your life or something, i had to vent but u just shouldnt read it lol!

ppl, whats your progress, on which day or week ar u at already?

AthleticHunta wut? well i told u already =D

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Hey your trying to hard, you got to stop fighting, stop tryign to win!, do what you do, and let go of failure, and let go of success and just flow!. your feeding your negative energy blockages until they burst and consume you making you do things you don't want to do.. free your mind, let go, and stop being like a volcano, ready to blow up every time you lose.. Be more like flowing water going around its problems but never changing.

Also know how to observe your thoughts, and not think about them. Thoughts are unstoppable, but its your choice to pay attention to them.

A great quote I Love. If you change the way you look at things, the things your look at will change.

Good luck

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Does picking include:

Removing any flakes with tweezers on a flaky area that the flake is like, almost falling ofF?

Removing any "plugs" of stuff from pores with tweezers even though it's sticking out of the pore and it's done carefully?

I can handle not popping anything or scratching or touching my face (although I DO touch my face a lot ... with unwashed hands YUCK). I guess I can slightly modify my rules? I think that the above two mentioned things are not really destructive if done carefuly, but let me know what you think OP, because I'm totally in on this and I will start today!

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Yes do not rip off white scabs ever or probe, red scabs are ok however, but only if there fully healed, and make sure to pull apart the skin around the scab to crack it on all sides before removing it. This is good because it stops pores from clogging under the scab, and bacteria building under it due to lack of oxygen.

A dab of Hydrogen peroxide can help remove the scab aswell (:.

Never probe unless the pore have been there for a month or more. Because... the dried puss on the top of the pore does not mean its dry under, you gotta wait for the whole thing to dry or els the pore will refill with puss.

Now My problem currently is itchy pimples, and the BIG ones that show up sometimes, itchy pimples itch because of pressure, so popping them is very hard not to do.. I do know that if you can hold out they will pop under the skin by themselves and go away.

How doI stop a itchy pimple from itchying without popping it? ):

Also if you pull off a white scab, I think.. You will get a uninflamed bump that just sits there right where the scab was used to be, and then like a month later is just turns into a big biitch, But I think this happens any sometimes regardless if you pull it off or not.

p.s one thing that could help, only use the back of your hand whenever you touch your face, It stops the urge to pick ;P

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

day 1 agaaaain :dozing:

i didnt pick or touch or anything, somehow i was totally unaware and somehow didnt attempt to pick today, only once hand stubled on pimple on neck and started to try to pick it but i immediatelly stopped, so yea so far so good but its just a day 1 tho :doubt:

i fixed diet as well, ate only two times and just a little, not too much, not too less, i guess. had oats, greens, veggies, few fruit n so. im trying to get back on no dairy/bread/candy track. but idk how ill do it, bcs some family friend come visit today and brought many candy for us and im like: omg gimme! @[email protected] but i know cant cant cant and yea yea..wont. :dry:

my sleeping is still whacky tho, i go to sleep awfully late (blame nets, forums and acne.org too) and then wake up awfully late and rush or dont do properly regimen. ill try to wake up early next morning. must fix!

24/7 thinking about how i look, it sucks but i cant help but all the time hunt mirrors/reflections to get to see if i look ok, which ofcourse i dont, its all paain, must stop, but.. ugh :goaway:


AthleticHunta, dude tbh its only my negative energy that keeps me going at all if not that and alot of anger that bucks me up idk where id be right now. but this competition well..not that im too angry about it, like muust win, will eat ya all if i dont, no. (but ofc i wanna win too duh itsa motivation afterall) its just that im really set up about all this, bcs i cant keep giving myself trials or else it will never end. i was easy going about picking/not picking for waay too long time. so i dun care, if i screw up this time too ill deff punish myself somehow or something, bcs i want so!

and that video yea..well..my thoughts on it was..

damn! neo and bruce lee has no acne, so luckyyy!

itchy pimples are bugging me too, they are like soo tempting to pick, but i feel TTO kind of helps them to dry faster, but i think u have to be careful with it bcs yea its very very drying, and ofc cant apply on bare skin and undiluted.

btw back of hands, i used to touch my face with only back of hands for -prevent picking/no touchy with bacteria fingers- purposes, but then i drop some peroxyde and it was all white and goes fshhh, so theres bacteria too, better not touch at all imo. :/

smartie, well idk tbh, and how do u think? originally i thought its same as picking so its a no no no, but if u feel like or know better that it is ok to do so, then why not, the main idea is to not screw with face and pick acne and pluck scabs (that arent fully dried or so, but if they are like totally ready then idk maybe u can, i just would prefer to gently massage or wash them off with something but thas me).

as for pores. well actually if i were u id steam face a bit and then use homemade nose strip method with gelatin (youtube it) to get rid of pore gunk and then apply something astringent afterwards. also i also add to my own personal rules to not touch my face too much if any, with unwashed hands but its not like obligation for everyone. also feel free to add new rules yourself, uknow ;)

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What's tto?. amd yeah I feel you, itchy pimples are a big problem for me.. ): .

You sound just like me last year

Well here is some of the things I learned.

Did you know its not normal to have anger?, maybe this is a impression someone put on you, and all this stress.. and then sleep issues?. Do you understand.. that if one essential thing in your body is out of whack, everything follows like a house of cards.

Anger, stress, and everything that comes with negative thinking causes hormonal imbalances, destroys.. DESTROYSZZZZZZZZ the ballance between slow-wave-sleep and rem sleep..

Oh well, Ile stick with you until you find your own personal cure for acne like I have (: . But listen, lighten up.. care.. but not so much, laugh about your acne, not crryyy :D .

Life without challenge is a life where you can't evolve in, be excited (: . Like I said acne was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me.

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Hey, tell me a bit about your depressing life :P . I wanna hear the depressing details, and i wanna see your face to see what type of acne you have. I don't even know if your a guy or a girl /;<.

You kinda type like a girl no offense :P

use EFT like this for the whole mirror thing. "Even tho I have this terrible feeling about not looking the way I want, I deeply and completely fully accept myself"

I used eft for picking one time, and it was funny. I said "Even tho I have this horrible picking problem, I completely and fully accept myself" and I picked a few days later, but after I hurt my face kinda bad I felt great, like I couldn't give a shit at all, like I was on weed or some other drugs or somthing lol. But this means I did it wrong xD.. So I rephrased the message and picking reduced big time.. And I stopped feeling bad about the problem (:

Check this out.


^^ P.s Note this message does not use the counting and rolling eyes method ^^. But should still be very effective. However look around for it on how to do it. Most people leave it out. Also he does not mention propper focusing /:< .. ok lol Also when you focus on the problem, make it the worst case scenario.

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Hey guys,

Wow you all write a lot in a short space of time!

Fuglee: I know all about bad sleep. I had ME/CFS. I am totally better now thankfully. Whilst sleep was bad I discovered this book:

Good Night: The Sleep Doctor's 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health

It really helped give me tools to deal with my sleep. Might help you too.

Last 2 years have been depressed and anxious. 4 months ago started on antidepressants and the one I am on has a mild sedative effect - also I suspect coz i am less worried and feeling more emotionally stable this has also benefited my sleep. Now I have very few problems with my sleep but I still need to keep an eye on it.

I agree that it's difficult to tackle multiple problems at once: e.g. sleep, acne, depression, skin picking. Sometimes you need to tackle one at a time.

ALSO... DAY 4 COMPLETED. ON DAY 5 WOOO! Hows everyone else doing? I am writting the days covered on my calender each day.

So glad I found you guys, who are experiencing the same problems (or challenges!) x

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

hey LittleMissChatterbox, wow cool! u r already ahead of us, great job! (im envious tho lol) :surprised: and yea we babble too much lately deff xD

thnx but i couldnt get the link for somehow but whats ME/CFS?

i once read ebook on sleeping and i can pretty much sum it up briefly: drink enough water, eat properly, get sun light, exersise and every day try to go sleep 15 minutes earlier than previous time, same as getting up until u get at perfect time for going and waking up from sleep and then stick to it. also no stress etc, yea i know it. its just that i kind of dont like to sleep at and waste time of nights, but its just me. healing time is from 10pm till 3am, this time sucks for sleeping but if it can alter how we cure acne somehow then idk :/

i soo knoow, when theres plenty of probs and no time, just impossible to solve anything -_- well lets at least concentrate on not picking for now, right? -_-


AthleticHunta, cut the offtopic plz! :eh: bcs i wont tell anything and it doesnt matter who i am and no pics i already told u btw! plus no need to shout out here uneccessary stuff, couldve just pm me about this stuff or something, wtf! :huh:

well i take the offence tho, bcs whut do u mean? >:l

i just type how its faster, uknow, i didnt know theres different typing ways for girls and boys :dry:

tto is for -tea tree oil-

dude, i know for sure anger is not causing me acne, phhh >_>..u see its not that shit happens bcs im angry, its bcs shit happens im angry..now when i have total explosions of anger, then yea thats bad for everything -_- but still, personally me i dont wanna eft method, i think it makes u sleepy and way too calm, well i think. :/

but yea it could maybe help with picking for other ppl tho


and finally my day 2

didnt pick, didnt anything, one whitehead was driving me crazy tho, so tempting to get rid off, such a test for a patience (wheeen will it dry out :sleep:), which i dont have at all -_- but yea somehow this day counts afterall..

and for a change waked up earlier (i think im starting to fix this, now just to go sleep earlier, which will be haard), but diet also fixed for now.

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hey! LittleMissChatterbox, i've been posting on my own thread, you can read that if you want. click me! sorry about the confusion ;) but anyways i picked yesterday. i had a 2 day streak (yay?) but then i picked. hopefully i wont pick tonight. (i'm not planning on it!)

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Well Sleeping came easier for me when I learned how to observe my thoughts, and not getting caught up in them and start talking in inside or trying to sleep forceably.

Also knowing that sleeping comes instantly without any warning. One second your awake, the next second your OUT, then your brain will erase the last couple of minutes before you fell asleep or stops recording them, no one knows. This is why you can never remember falling asleep at night. Also if your having insomnia problems eat half a banana before you go to sleep. You can also try taking L-trptophan, but if you do take it always take it with a small amount of milk or anything with fast acting carbs to help serotonin win the amino acid war in your brain. I don't recommend HTP5.

Sleeping summed up imo is. close your eyes, don't get caught up in your thoughts, decide when you are going to stop thinking about your thoughts, and resting and having faith you will fall asleep. you should be out before you know it.

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

day 3 didnt pick or anything

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Day 6 completed, face is peeling like MAD on the regimen. It was so red a few days ago - that discouraged me from picking coz i didn't wanna make it more sore.

I went out last night to my friends houseparty, coz they are all moving out... and I looked a bit like a leper with all my skin falling off!! But hey, i think i've learnt to laugh at myself.

Today is day 7... tomoz i'll take a picture to monitor progress x

PS Fuglee - CFS is short for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome x

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hey guys it me... hope u rememver me- i'm so sorry but our computer broke down and i didn't have internet. But i've got great news i haven't picked since!!! and my face is looking great!! just have one pimple coming out but my pores and everything has tremendously lessen =) ,, whooo

anyway i almost picked a few days ago , because i was cutting out foods as usual =) - -i've gone months without gluten, months without milk, and just now i was on a no sugar diet, but i dont do this to keep clear, cuz i;ve learned that the pimples come and go as they please ...and if i pick =),, but i do this to stay healthy !!! but for me i've noticed that its one of my biggest drawbacks!!! because i guess i'm always trying to fix things!!! this is my problem!!-- i'll fix my diet .... or that what i think i'm doing!!! And if i have a bad day , when i eat the chocolate, ice cream etc i feel like i've done something wrong,,,so i either eat more ice cream etc and tell myself i'll start over 2morrow ( feeling like a total failure) and we all know this leads to picking -- we try and fix our face (getting all that imperfect bumps out) becuz we just broke somethin- our diet etc and then it feels good to do something useful -fixing our face --- and the 2morrow we fix our diet again and start over!!

well what i've learned so far is not to FIX or CONTROL anyting--- to cut out on no foods!!! non at all!!! please try this!! you have to let go on all that control over your eating habits (this is big for me becuz i've always for years been cutting back on certain food)--one has to be able to eat the chocolate and not feel like i've done something wrong or that i failed my stupid unrealistic strict diet!! the problem is if you put chocolate infront of someone--- it exists-- so sooner or later he is going to eat it!! Its just people in Africa who can live of eating just rice (becuz its all that they have) Eat what you want!!! This has helped me tremedously . And when i see i pimple forming i just tell myself that i cant control everything,, my face or skin will take care about it!! its a huge step to let go of the control ....over my face and diet...but it works

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Guest fugleee_dumbBUNNY

hey guyz, day 5 completed, no picking and no plucking and even touching (only dead skin, some old dried scabs n some shit got off themselves while i was doing exfoliation thing, and thats it)

also i decided to put a list of involved ppl in this competition right now to see overall picture better:

loveNlipgloss doing veery good! day 3-4

ivanna whoooHoo! goez like terminator! :cool: currently the leader! & if im right then on day 12!! :shock:

LittleMissChatterbox doin awasome too! day 6-7

AthleticHunta so are u in, dude?

smartie and u? still in this? tell us how u are doing pls!

fugleee_dumbBUNNY tats meee. on day 5

btw, ppl, i have an idea for a winner of this competition we couldve think of some kind of prise or honorific lol or something, how u think? also to keep our motivation, i just dunno what kind of it could be, any ideas maybee? thats if u agree n stuff? :rolleyes:

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would you consider removing a dried up clogged pore thats about to fall off picking? i was just applying my acne stuff and i felt a dried clog and just added some pressure and it came off. i didnt really mean to, i wasnt really thinking about it. other than that i havent picked in 4 days, so idk if i should count something as little as that?

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Nope, there almost always dry on the top and filled with puss in the center surrounding a bit of a soft or hard core.

There are mostly 4 layers to a zit, The white scab like thing or white bubble, the soft liquid layer under the scab, the stuff thats a bit thicker under the initial liquid white layer,and then there is a core. Pop the zit and leave the core, the zit will come back and just continue to make puss, get it out and it will heal.

How a pimple heals is like this in 3 steps. The white bubble full of liquid (whitehead) turns into a scab, then that scab cracks from drying, and when it cracks, oxygen floods under the scab into the pore, drying the puss under the scab, to the scab, then that scab and the puss being fused together, cracks together (when fully dryed and fused) furthering and and deepening the drying and fusing processes into the pore, then the already fused stages finally attach to the core, and from here the whole thing, puss core and all just fall off with the scab, clearing the pore.

Alot of people Might be like core? core? core?. Let me tell you, it takes a little experience to get out. bigger ones, a ton of pressure with you finger tips, and the smaller ones, finger nails, a little pressure, and the right angle will get it out. I do not recommend trying ):< WE ARE ANTI PICKKERRSS FOR LIFE Remember? (: . Anywayzz

Day 5, I picked. I picked one bad zit, itchy as all hell.. But I stopped right away, and I picked it well, got all 3 layers out, so it won't fester up again.

I messed up -_- . I drank a bunch of milk and ate a bunch of yogurt.. I was trying to introduce my body to as many types of strains of probiotics I can, there were 2 or maybe 3 new strains added to these yogurts I had not taken yet. I'm glad I got them into me, but that damn dairy gave me a bunch of little bumps all around my face, Imaaa just gonna have to let them heal, gotta keep my head up (: .

After I picked I did a round of eft, and let me telll you, the urge to pick was about an 9, Not picking after that one popped pimple had me ripping myself completely apart fighting the urge, I probably wouldn't have even been able to fall asleep without smashing one or 10 of those juicy bastards.. But the EFT.. WOW drained that urge like nothing els.. Got it down to a 2, it simply amazes me how powerful it is.

My confirmation to myself during with the EFT was. "Even tho I have this acne and all these little bumps on my face, I completely and fully accept myself. And while doing it, I thought about the acne and little bumps and how bad the urrggeeeeee was too poopppp themmmmm, while I did it, and right after i finished up the eft.. I just took a deep breath, relaxed, let go, Looked into the mirror and said... I completely and fully accept myself!! with a big smirk, and the pain and emotional terror of that urge was just lifted from me like magic. I didn't feel like I needed to do any of that picking stuff to feel ok (: .. The acne just felt Ok (: and I didn't feel like i wanted to pick much at all.. Sry I'm just blown a bit away here (: (: (: (: .

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