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My Accutane Experience - Completed

27 yr old female, 110 pounds, mild acne on face, (but very persistent,) and moderate acne on back. (Very painful and itchy.)

Well, I made a mistake and thought all the accutane logs went up on the blog section, so I created a blog. Oops.

Below is the link to my accutane log which I diligently kept for 5 months.


I am now 4 days post-accutane and I can already feel my lips coming back. My hair is still shedding a lot the way it was during the meds, and my skin is still dry as a bone. I can feel my scalp oil coming back slightly. (SIGH.) It was SO nice to be able to go whole week without washing my hair! And sometimes I didn't have to wash my face. My nostrils are still a dry, bloody mess, too. can't wait for that to go away.

I was on alternating mgs of 20/40, which was enough for me. I couldn't go any higher because my whole body ached like I was hit by a truck. Once the accutane completely, (and - yes- that means 100%) took away every bit of acne I had, I realized just how much acne I really did have on my face. I had a lot of hyperpigmentation, too, which took about 3 months of having no actives to go away.

In my blog you'll see my side-effects. The worst ones were itchy arms that never stopped, (I scratched up my arms something awful,) having a dry anal region, (going the the bathroom was painful,) vaginal dryness, the weird bumps and rashes that would show up, an achy body and joints, (which I still had on the low dose,) and hair shedding. I didn't lose a lot of hair that was noticeable, it just shed about 3 times as much as I did without the meds. It was very messy...it got everywhere...and yes, my hair did feel like it was thinning out the whole time. I'm expecting it will all come back, though, per my doctor.

Anyway, if you have any questions, just let me know. Enjoy my log. (link is above.)

Accutane for me was a miracle. It was amazing to be able to wake up with a one-dry face, put on clothes and walk out the door with barely a shred of makeup. For the last 2 months the only thing i used was a little powder. It was amazing. I hope I get to keep this skin.

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