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Multiple papules side by side

I have three papules growing right next to each other to form a very nasty lump. It initially started of with just one which I didn't touch for several days and now I have two more right next to it. This morning the initial papule, now a pustule, popped on its own when I was cleansing this morning and sooo much puss came out. I was icing the area just a few minutes ago and it started pussing again and I couldn't help myself and started picking at it and wow a it expelled a large amount of puss.

So how do you treat multiple papule growing next to each other?

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If you're talking about very significant amounts of pus... eh, I would start out trying to expel the pus and then applying something with an acidic base to it. But it could be a Staph infection; watch out. There have been users who seriously aggravated the infection and did damage to their face by following DKR and similar. It could also simply be a bug bite or have been caused by a group of ingrown hairs... I've experienced all of the above and mistaken them for acne. Antibiotics might be a good choice if you're starting to become a pus fountain.

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Wow, I have 2 big pimples that grew together too! I was so scared to face people. I wore a hat to school even though it was itchy -.- I tried to pop it cuz I saw it formed a head... big mistake, it wasn't ready yet because minimal pus came out and it hurt like HEEEEEEEECK. From messing with it like that I knew it was gonna get hella red so I blobbed on a HUGE amt of aloe vera gel. It still got red, but the size of the redness was well contained in my opinion.

Here's my suggestion to you (also what I plan to do): When you feel confident that you can get all the pus out (with minimum damage to the skin surface), do that. Then load on a big big blob of aloe vera gel. It minimizes redness from popping pimples and makes it heal soo much faster.

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