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Guest Stu :-)

how does an allergy give u acne?

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Guest Stu :-)

If you are alergic to a particular food, how does it form acne as such?

I got to state the obvious again, sorry, but i f** kin hate acne.

thats better

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I have been wondering the same... I think you can get a rash that looks like acne or something. smile.gif

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ok, i just read somewhere that if your allergic to something and you eat it, you end up having hives and not really acne

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thats a good question, i have loads of food allergies, and i think the answer is the inflammation. when you eat a food you are allergic to, it causes your body to have an inflammatory reaction, which occurs not only in your body, but on your skin as well. (i get acne/hives) acne is an inflammatory condition, so if u eat soemthing causing even more inflammation, it would make it worse.. hth- caroline

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I don't know for sure, but I think it has to do with your lymph things or whatever they're called... my very non-scientific answer... lol

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Ditto....allergenic foods and intolerant foods can have inflammation as their symptom and thats how it can manifest itself as acne.

Cystic acne is defined as being inflammatory, but Perricone says that all acne is inflammatory. If you follow perricone's acne prescription diet and the mucous free diet, than sugar would also be the cause of inflammation.

As a result of changing my diet, I've been able to notice the many types of acne I get. They feel different, they look different, they behave differently and sometimes they only show up in only certain areas.

A tip off that you may have used a skin care product or ate something you are allergic to may be the color of your acne. Allergies tend to be associated with rashes or redness, right? well if you get acne that is really red, that may be your tip off.

If you get clogged pores or your pores seem to get larger, then it may be due to the wrong skin care (pore clogging) or consuming Fried Oils and/or Fried Trans Fats.

If you get acne that is really tiny and almost rash like it could be due to an allergy, an irritant, hair spray, heat rash, or too much moisturizer.

If you get small pimples that quickly fill with white stuff, that may be due to consuming (too much) added sugar. (lasts 1 - 3 days)

If you get cysts that sorta itch or feel more painful than usual, almost as if something is trying to come to the surface and white stuff shows up, this may also be due to consuming (too much) added sugar. (lasts 2 - 3 days)

If you get cysts that are more stubborn and last 3 - 7 days or longer than they normally would for you, it may mean you consumed something that your body really doesn'tlike. Sometimes this kind of acne won't respond to any sort of topical treatment. This can be due to an allergenic or intolerant food, including High Fructose Corn Syrup and Whey.

There's a few others types, but the wierdest one I've ever noticed were those from Dairy. This is a kind of acne that I never got before and so that's how it was easy for me to pinpoint it to my decreasing milk consumption. I would get this wierd cystic acne that would flare up and then start to fill up with white stuff but in 2 - 3 different spots on the cyst. It looked like I ended up geting several cysts in the same spot. These cysts were either round or ovular due to them slightly overlapping each other.

Notice how I mentioned " decreasingmilk consumption"? Well, a lot of people say that food, etc can't break them out because they ALWAYS breakout. Well if you are ALWAYS eating these same foods, that really doesn't tell you anything. You have to decrease, preferablly eliminate certain foods in order for you to know 100% if it was a factor for you.

What happens is that your body goes from constantly being overflooded with reacting to this food, until one day it doesn't react as STRONGLY as it once did (years ago). By you eliminating that food, you allow your body to reset it's sensitiivityto that food. So if you aren't allergic to it, when you consume it, there will be no reaction, BUT if you are allergic to it and consume you may have a (much) stronger reaction to that particular food.

Also, certain foods combined together can produce a different reaction as well. People have mentioned that if you consume fats, protein, carbohydrates & fruits in a certain way it's not a problem, but if they don't they break out. I noticed that for me, when I would consume Gluten Free Refined Cereals with Organic Milk, I would get a form of acne I've NEVER had before. I don't know if it was only due to it being refined, as I rarely ate cereal when I changed my diet and doen't eat it now, but I would get tiny cystic acne in and around my earlobes that turned into tiny nodules. This was while I was STILL on Spiro and Avandia (not anymore)!These nodules took a very looooong time to go away. In fact the last time I had cereal was almost a year ago and I can stil feel 4 of them in my earlobes. Thankfully they are soo small that you can't see them. ;-)

This leads me to mentions something else that people forget, which is that you can still be consuming something that bothers you, and so even when you eliminate other possible culprits, you may not notice any change in your skin , UNTIL you eliminate what I consider your Primary Culprit. Once you do that, it may feel like you are sensitive to "everything' but it's just allowed you to figure out, what else may be a problem for you. Those other foods may pop up instantly or start showing themselves over the course of 1 - 2 years. This would also include NEW foods you add into your diet so be very aware of what you eat and how you respond to it; some people like to use diaries.

Otherwise, the only other suggestion I know is to think about what foods you eat constantly, every day, every week and see if any of those foods fall into the allergenic or intolerant food lists. You should also think about what foods are your favorites or that you naturally crave or feel addicted to. Sometimes "bad" for you foods can have an addictive affect on your body and so you want to scrutinze even foods you love eating. Unfortunately for me, I did have to give up some favorites, but I made some new favorites. =)

Best of luck

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Also, leaky gut syndrome, which produces an inflammatory response in the body, is tied to acne as well.

What is so odd is that dermatologists keep people on antibiotics indefinately, causing the exact thing they claim they are trying to cure because they cause candida ablican proliferation, which directly causes leaky gut syndrome.

That's why acne is such a weird puzzle to people. Sometimes they can identify certain irritating foods but then never take things that can cure leaky gut syndrome from antibiotic abuse; aloe vera juice and the amino acid l-glutamine are both very good at helping heal the colon tract. If you can take a multi-pronged approach at solving your acne puzzle, you can do it, but knowledge is the key. If you don't know about leaky gut, how mercury amalgam fillings cause candida to literally explode, liverflushing, bowel cleansing, then you are just up the creek without a paddle.

I'm convinced that candida is the culprit to many stubborn cases of acne. Candida can grow pretty easily because so many things cause it's proliferation, including silver mercury amalgam fillings, chlorine in water, antibiotics, severely bad American diet. By the way, I had to specifically bowel cleanse, liverflush, and detox heavy metals in order to fully address my candida caused by derms who kept me on antibiotics for years and years before I got totally clear. I also got my old silver mercury amalgams replaced (they were old and from childhood and my dentist wanted to replace them anyway, but I was gonna do it regardless of his suggestion because I could never get ahold of my candida). It's sad that doctors seem very ignorant of these things, and that people needlessly suffer.... sad.gif

Check out these links:



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Oh yeah the one thing that suxs now is that after I took Minocycline for only 3 months, when I got off it it, I broke out worse than before despite being on Birth Control and Spironolactone!

Now I can blame the fact that this particular antibioitic boosts DHT production, but I also ended getting acne in my eyebrows, mouth, my lower arms and on my legs! Even now with my dietary changes, if I'm not careful I will end up with a tiny or small zit or two in those areas.

I've even taken metronizadole but that didn't heal anything I guess. I've hard that NAG was good, but some people also reported getting a breakout from using it. What else helps heal a leaky gut?

I know that gluten harbors yeast, which I've eliminated, so I'm sure it's probably due to me eating too much added sugar or fruits. However I also have 1 mercury filling left that I plan on replacing. It' interesting because when I do breakout on my face, it's usually on the side where that filling is. blink.gif


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The below list of foods is mainly compiled from the Merck Manual, as well as various allergy websites. If you notice these same foods pop up in certain health books, and diet plans like the sometimes frowned upon Paleodiet. Based on various theories (most seem plausible), these yield a specific hormonal response, inflammatory response, and/or contribue to other sumptoms of a health or hormonal disorder:

Allergenic Foods (due to autoimmune respnse)





Tree nuts


Banana (relative of plantains)

Peaches (nectarines, plums & prunes are related)

Berries (blueberry, strawberry, etc)





Chocolate (pure cocoa or the candy bars?)

Cotton Seed Oil

Salicylates (this just sucks http://users.bigpond.net.au/allergydietitian/fi/sal.html )

[people can be allergenic to anything incl. all fruits, or citrus fruits, etc]

Intolerant Foods (due to lacking a specific enzyme for digestion or a leaky gut)

Dairy (lactose, casien, whey)


Gluten (wheat, barely, rye and...maybe oats)

Legumes/Beans (includes peanuts, soybean)

Night Shades (potato, tomato, peppers, eggplant)

Chemical Sensitivity

Yellow No. 5 (healths sake)



Sulfites (the stuff on some dried fruits)

Nitrates (preservatives)

Aspartame (healths sake)

Additional Hormone/Health Disrupters:

Refined Foods (anything that isn't normally white, as in bleached flour, rice, etc)

Trans Fats (Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Hydrogenated Oils)

Most Saturated fats (unrefined coconut oil is supposed to be safe) - mainly (red meat) animal fats

Refined Sugars (sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup)





Keep in mind that for some people due to an internal or external irritant, acne can form in 1 - 7 days. Although most people reportedly see formation in 2 - 3 days time.

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SJ: As I mentioned in my first post, aloe vera juice and l-glutamine are VERY effective at helping with leaky-gut syndrome.

Usually, l-glutamine should be taken in higher than recommended amounts (this is pretty harmless).

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denise, could you tell me more about the l glutamine for leaky gut? im sure i have horrible leaky gut, and id love some advice as to helping it heal. im getting ready to start goats milk tongue.gif .. as ive heard its awesome for healing the gut lining. also, if taking supplements an doing stuff to heal the gut, how long can it take to really get it healed? thanks so much- caroline

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SD: I had TERRIBLE leaky gut from being on those antibiotics for so many years. The candida burrow into the colon and perforate it. That's precisely what happens. That's why you can get so tired after you eat, and also break out.

But l-glutamine and aloe vera both are excellent. I have used aloe vera off and on for many years but about a year ago, I used aloe vera juice (4-8 ounces per say with juice or water), and l-glutamine (4-5 times the recommended dosage), and Primal Defense.

Of course I started this and simultaneously started liverflushing, bowel cleansing, etc......

I'm not sure what else to tell you about l-glutamine except it really is effective at healing leaky gut, along with aloe vera. They seem to work better when used together than seperately.

Also, this is something Andreas Moritz said that really resonated with me about candida and how it is related to bile production:

Candida is certainly an effect of gallstones. With diminsihed bile secretions your food won't be digested properly and the resulting extra waste requires bacteria and yeast to decompose it. Candida only proliferates in an unclean environemnt. The albicans bacteria are part of the body's natural defense mechanisms, so you don't to red rid of them. You would want ot keep them in check. Bile is neceessary to digest food and to maintain proper balance between beneficial and destructive bacteria. Diet has a certain influence, but a minor one when compared with liver functions, and bile production in particular. It is nearly impossible to permanently control yeast growth in the gut if bile ducts remain congested with stones. As long as there are stones present, yeast overgrowth is actually the next best thing the body can to protect it from suffocation through waste.

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