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Cystic Acne. In need of feedback.

Ok. I'd like to give you a little background first. I've been diagnosed with cystic acne back in July. I've been really lucky throughout my entire life. I didn't have acne, besides when I'd start my period. However, I started having "nodules" appear sometime in 2009. It was right after I turned 18 in March of 2009. It wasn't drastic, and it wasn't bad so I didn't complain. My mom started having the same thing in her early twenty's, so I figured that was the case. The nodules would appear in small places ( forehead, cheek, chin, etc) and it would go away within a month. I didn't feel it was an issue. Well, the "nodules/boils" became really bad in March of 2010 and a huge "boil-like/nodule" appeared on the left side of my chin, it was very hard and it stayed there until July, and that's when I consulted a dermatologist. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before I saw the dermatologist, it became mushy and opened on it's own so I had to let it drain. There was brown/green/yellowish liquid draining and of course lots of blood. I figured using alcohol over it would clean the area, because I assumed the colors of the pus meant there was an infection. When I went to the dermatologist, he used a cortisone shot to get rid of the nodules that were left. He also put me on spironolactone (100 mg). Since July I have had to continuously go to the dermatologist every 3-4 weeks to either have the pus drained out of the "boils/nodules" and receive a cortisone shot. Just recently when I went he said there was "a lot of green pus" oozing out of the boil, and he has taken a culture of it and I will be calling in the next couple of days to see if I need an antibiotic. The "nodules/boils" only reside on the left side of my chin. It has not popped up anywhere else. I find it very weird that these boils/nodules are only appearing on the left side of my chin.

I'm very concerned because I have no idea what kind of bacteria it is, and I really do not want to have it enter my blood line. I'm just curious ...has anyone had something like this? Know of anybody with something like that? ANY information can help.

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