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I apologize if this topic has been previously discussed, or if this post is located in the wrong forum.

I have moderate acne, mostly whiteheads and some black heads. Currently, my face is noticeably red and irritated, due almost completely to scarring or some other aftereffect of pimples not being treated correctly. In the past, I have tried a few different routines to rid my face of whiteheads, none of them being successful. For about two months (yes, I know---not long enough), I tried Dan's Regimen, which left my skin ridiculously irritated and didn't clear up any of my acne. Fortunately, I did discover a great new product. I LOVE Jojoba Oil. Dan's face wash is pretty sweet, too. I've been using both for the last two weeks, and I'm simply impressed. My face FEELS awesome. There is no tightness, and the red marks are slowly disappearing. His wash is gentle and cleanses nicely. At first, my face cleared up extremely quickly. Sadly, I had major surgery last week, AND I caught a flu bug during the recovery period. My face has begun to sprout some more whiteheads, but this could be due to the stress forced upon my body during the last week. Anyway, I'm extremely interested in hearing the opinions of anyone willing to share. I want to know if this has been done before. Below, I have put some information about my routine. Feel free to request more.


1. Shave with electric razor (this may be the cause of my whiteheads)

2. Brush teeth

3. Shower, using Dan's facial cleanser (I like to take long showers, which may be another problem)

4. Pat face dry

5. Apply Jojoba Oil within three minutes of showering (another cause of whiteheads?)

6. Gently remove excess Jojoba Oil (and there is definitely a LOT of excess)


The same routine as in the morning, minus the shaving.


My diet consists of mostly proteins (meat, beans, eggs) and green vegetables. I drink water and raw milk only. I eat NO sweets. I drink NO juices or sodas.

I have been a little lax in my usual diet and showering routine, due to the sickness and my recovery from surgery. I'll try to update this post as soon as everything returns to normal. Perhaps the whiteheads that have appeared in the last week will disappear.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions!

Saedran James

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I'm going to hop into this and say that whenever I get sick with anything more than a cold my skin tends to get worse. So it may be just that.

I use a jojoba oil/avocado oil combo.

Also, jojoba oil isnt your only option. There are a few oils that are also friendly to skin, and one also lists other items besides oils that may cause issues.




Just because something is non-comdedogenic doesn't mean it wont break you out. Ive used recommended makeup only to RUIN my face with horrible breakout because some combo of the ingredients did not agree with my skin.

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Thank you for the quick response!

If I understand, what you are saying is that you do NOT use any sort of acne-treatment cream, such as Dan's BP? You only use an oil? If so, how has that worked for you? If not, what other products do you use?


Saedran James

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