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Knife shave razor at barbers on accutaine

for my dad for xmas I want to take him to truefitt & hill barbers in London for a haircut and wet shave (with the knife), get him dulled up for dinner in the savoy after. Obviously I want to have it as well – but I’m not sure if it is allowed while on accuataine? i have no acne at all and I’m not on a full dose so my skin is not ultra-dry, but its certainly dry and thin none the less.

They are meant to be the best barbers in the world so I know they know what they’re doing.

Just want to get a heads up from you guys first before I book it. are there any risks i should be aware of (relating to tain?)?


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I think it depends on the severity of your acne and where it is as to whether or not you get cut up. If you're in the middle of your course your skin is probably pretty thin and dry especially at the points of pimples. A shave that close will probably take of the tips of some and make you bleed a little.

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if you read my OP properly i said i dont have any acne, my face is totally flat at the moment.

BUT its very thin skin and easily damaged - due to the accutaine

i was wondering if the knife from the shave can be too much for it. i have no fuckin clue you see

i couldnt find in the rule book anything about getting a cut throat shave from the barbers which is why i asked here


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Such a close shave may be too exfoliating and set you up for irritation. And who knows what types of citrusy/lemony/musky products they might use that might annoy your already-tense skin. :P

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