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Hey everyone. So before bed I always use a benzoyl peroxide wash and moisturize liberally and leave it on overnight. I've been looking to switch from Complex 15 to something that will moisturize a little more throughly, but something that is still non-comedogenic, which Complex 15 has been great for.

Eucerin Original Lotion is a big candidate, since it's really cheap for so much, but some of the ingredients have given me concern. The mineral oil doesn't bother me, as they've done studies to show that cosmetics-grade, as opposed to mechanical-grade, mineral oil is more or less totally non-comedogenic, but then the THIRD ingredient in the list is isopropyl myristate, something I've read to be highly comedogenic. However, the bottle also says "Won't Clog Pores" and their website says "Non-comedogenic." (This is the Canadian product and site, btw).

Does anybody have any insight on how a non-comedogenic product can contain isopropyl myristate? Are there any Eucerin success stories? Their Urea Face Cream is great, but it's too expensive to be anything more than an occasional luxury. Perhaps I should stick to Complex 15. Playing with regimens and switching products is often a bad idea. When will I learn?

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i know you said mineral oil doesn't bug you but... i was using eucerin to cure my dry skin the first time i was on ziana. it totally confused my pores because the ziana was drying my skin out and unclogging the pores while eucerin was clogging them back up. hope that makes sense... thats why my doc said and since i stopped using it, my skin is less oily and clogged.

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