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Possible second course of accutane, worried about side effects

About 2 years ago I started on a course of accutane, starting on 20mg for the first 2 months, then 40mg for 4 months and then 60mg for the last month (I don't know why the doc recommended this). It worked great, but about 9 months later the acne started coming back, and now I have moderate acne. I've been thinking about going on a second course but I'm a bit worried about two things.

The first is hair loss. Now I never experienced this on the first course (at least I think) but if there was any real chance of this happening then this is a complete deal breaker. My hairlines already receded (not receding, I was born with a receded hairline) so there's no way I'd want that to happen, even if it was temporary. The second is liver damage/alcohol. Apparently I can't drink while I'm on accutane, or at the least not drink very much. Is there any way around this (as stupid as that question sounds)? This isn't a deal breaker, but it's certainly close, considering the accutane course is 7 months long.

When I was on my first course, my side effects were: dry skin, very dry lips, occasional nosebleeds, and extreme sun sensitivity (stupidly I didn't use sunscreen most of the time, and got a mole on my face, is there any way to get rid of that?) So I didn't get hair loss, but I'm worried about it happening this time around.

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ccc444, we can't tell you if it will or will not happen, but the risks are there no matter what number course you're on.

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Accutane will make your skin look better, but you can count on it hurting your body in more ways than medical professionals will notice, much less address. I quote myself because I just replied to a similar thread and my name is Mr. Poop.

Depending on your age, I believe it stunts growth... I've never met a physically excellent product of Accutane usage. My step-brother is 23 now, 5'6", and used Accutane when he was 15 or 16 for almost a year I believe. He's 3 inches shorter than his mother and a foot shorter than his dad.

Also considering the effects Accutane commonly has on your liver, your muscles, and even your hormones and oil glands, I would highly advocate against using it EVER. Seriously, the extent to which medical professionals understand very basic and even mundane human functions is laughable; Accutane is a commercial product that has no intentions of making you healthy, and the FDA, or whatever drug regulation applies, usually has similar interests.

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