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I don't know where to start. Over the past 7 to 8 months I have destroyed my health. I was stressing everyday, had 4 anxiety attacks this year. I wasn't drinking water at all, go without drinking water for nearly 3 to 4 days. If i did drink, it would be a bottle and I was good for the rest of the week. Very bad. And I had coffee like it was nobody's business. Usually a cup a day, sometimes 2. I was sleeping 4 to 5 hours every night over this period of time. And I stressed so much that I skipped a period in August. I was having financial and family issues. It was a very rough few months for me. But I didn't have to deal with 1 break out. Suddenly, this past August after I missed a period I started noticing dots under my skin on my forehead. I didn't think anything of it. But just this october the dots turned into several hundreds of whiteheads that not only were on my forehead, but my cheeks (both left and right) and jawline. The thing is, I had this crazy flareup but I'm not getting new acne. It's just what had been building up. Also, I've had regular periods my whole life. Missed my period only once due to stress. Once my period lasted 10 days in 2008 from stress. But that's it. So now I'm on doxycycline. And will start YAZ on the first day of my period (or the sunday after). Is is strange that I'm not getting any new acne? I just started doxy yesterday. Took one pill last night, one pill this morning, and will take one with dinner tonight. I'm hoping that this random flareup will subside with the pills. But is this hormonal? I'm 22 years old and have had one to 2 pimples on occassion but nothing this drastic. I went from having 1 or 2 to several hundreds everywhere. Hopefully doxy kills the bacteria. Since my episode, I've been drinking 2 liters of water a day. Sleeping on time. and I'm trying not to stress (although the self-esteem is causing me anxiety).

I just need some advice please. From someone who may have experienced something similar? I guess I'm just really down at this point... I need to tell myself that this isn't permanent... I haven't had acne issues in the past and I'm just hoping this bizarre flareup is due to all the stupid things I did to myself in the past. Someone please tell me this will subside soon? My doc wants to see me in 4 months... I hope I'll be clear by then... :(

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First of all, I am sorry to hear you are so stressed. Secondly, I encourage you, I HIGHLY encourage you, to slowly come off the doxycycline. As someone who used antibiotics longterm because of ignorance as to how they worked (and it did manage my skin decently well), just remember to taper your doses as you wean yourself off of it.

You must give the medications proper time to work. I am also dealing with a rather intense break out, but I attribute this primarily to a change in climate and water quality (I moved from West Virginia to Texas).

The truth is that stress and hormones play various roles in any given individuals body. It is hard to tell unless you closely examine yourself what triggers you to break out.

Keep hope until you go back to your doctor and never forget that you are a beautiful person regardless of acne. =)

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