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Benzoyl Peroxide Absorption (specifically, relative to moisture)

I suppose this is a product question. Although it's not regimen specific.. the regimen does say to allow your face to dry fully prior to applying treatment.


It seems that the more moisture your skin is retaining, the greater the absorption. True?

If so, how does benzoyl peroxide's mechanism of action vary. Does it oxidize faster or does it do so at the same rate, only with stronger penetration?

I'm mostly just curious but in my personal experience, instruction compliance is correlated with understanding of the instructions.. why do we dry our faces first?

(Oh, and please don't read into this as 'how can I make the benzoyl peroxide work faster?' In my experience my skin does better when I take more care to allow it to dry after washing and after applying treatment. And I experience less side effects. Your mileage may vary.)

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I have always wondered this myself. Other than how quickly it absorbs, I don't understand why it makes a difference. I feel like my skin FEELS better if I don't wait 15 minutes, actually. Maybe it has to do quick the chemical make-ups of the products somehow reducing effectiveness of one another? Who knows.

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theres a difference between having moisture IN your skin, and having moisture ON your skin.

Yes it would probably absorb it better if the moisture was IN your skin, but since water doesn't penetrate into the skin, it might act as a barrier (just guessing here)

Instead of the BP having to go through the water AND the skin, it can just absorb fully onto dry skin, which is why it dries faster on dry skin.

Iunno, this is just my theory, now OIL is a completely different case, some oils (ie olive and jojoba) act as carrier oils, which actually HELP the BP penetrate deeper (or so they say) so its kind of the opposite of water.

Oil and water don't mix, so i guess oil helps, and water doesn't.

just my two cents.

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