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Tips for Adult Acne - See My Pics


Break out mainly on cheeks and jawline. See the attached pictures. I used a Neutrogena oil-free acne wash in the morning and evening along with a Garnier oil-free microbead cream scrub.

I'm thinking of trying the Murad system but have yet to purchase. I'm highly active - work out, play sports, etc. I thought it could be my shaving techniques or the fact that I abandoned my electric razor so I reverted and have yet to see any positive change. At this point it's almost a weekly occurrence. My face clears for a day and then I can feel new pimples forming. It's killing both my social life and self confidence. I would love to know what you guys think could be the problem. High testosterone levels from working out? I've read about masturbation habits - could that be an issue? High carb intake? Allergic reaction to some foods? Should I consider an allergy test to see?

I used to have much more body acne (as a result of working out) but I cut back on lifting and saw a dramatic change. I rarely sprout a body/back pimple and use a body exfoliator to assist. My skin is mostly oily but I feel the exfoliator helps.

My face is the main problem and I want to shake this ASAP. I've posted before with little to no feedback so I'm hoping some people can provide help!

Thanks!!! :clap:



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I hope you can see the pictures.

If not, let me know. As you can see, it's not the most severe acne in the world but it IS persistent and a weekly occurrence as I mentioned early. Most of the time the pimples bleed with smaller amounts of puss. And alot of times, when I know a pimple is coming, my face itches which leads me to believe it's a reaction to something. I do have a dog and the dog hair might be a trigger? Thoughts?

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Hi!! Well I was having the same problem

I don't have dogs, but my face was itching extremely bad! And my acne got out of control. I

Went to my doc. And they have me acne medication, I also changed the type of makeup

That I was using ( recommended by my estetition). My face is almost clear. If you have a question let me know.:)

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I tried murad and that didn't work for me.

My dermatologist and estetition recommended I try clenzi-derm, this works GREAT!!! There

Is one for oily skin and one for dry skin. You should google it.

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Thanks for the help guys. I'll look into the acne cream you mentioned Hope2b. As an example of what I'm dealing with, I played basketball tonight and I was obviously constantly sweating. After the game, my face was beat red, burning and afterward itching. I feel a breakout will come in a matter of days.

Saying a prayer tonight that I shake this problem!

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