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I was wondering if any of you have ever tried gluthathione? I have been triyng gluthatione for a week dow, and been getting really bad acne, allthough they get white immediately. Can you share your experience with me? Iam not sure if I should continue experiencing with gluthathione. It supposed to have cleared a lot of people from acne and other skin problems. There are so many good things about gluthathione on the google. I guess it's a detox reaction? I also currently take arginin before I go to bed. I think it has made my skin somewhat better( was using it before I tried glthathione) Anyway, please share your experience with me! I would really really appreciate it:)

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what glutathione brand are you using? its a really good liver detoxifyer so your prob just having a detox reaction...

Can you tell me which brand your using? ive been wanting to buy these for so long but there are so many fake glutathiones out there.

I want to use them for lightening exess hyperpig.

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Iam using gluthathione from Solgar, which is a great brand name :) My skin is getting better but Iam only taking 100 mg at this point. You are supposed to take... 10mg per kilo you weigh..I should take 500mg.. and if you want to whiten your skin, you should double the dose. That's what I read at least:)

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