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Lumie Clear

I saw a magazine article about a product called lumie clear. I have had acne for about 7 years and have went through so many creams and treatments to get rid of it - some tablets even gave me the non serious form of meningitis... Which just gave me more spots as I was ill. So looking up this lumie clear I couldn't find any negitive reviews about it... But have been told there was something about this type of therapy on 'watchdog'. Just wondering if you know anything about it? And whether or bot it's worth the money :)

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My mum brought it for me towards the beginning of the Summer, I was really confident in using this.. but my problems were I couldn't keep away from my other products, so the rays were pulling out my impurities, and then I kept putting them back in. In total I used it on and off for around 7 weeks, and it never really did anything for me.

If anything, If my current routine doesn't work for me.. I'll turn back to my Lumie Lamp, but it does have some very good reviews.. and it's also won a beauty award :) everybody's skins different, but if you use this.. I recommend you not using any other spot treatments during your time, let the Lumie do it's trick! my step dad also has the wake up clock, to boost your energy! and he says it works.. so Lumie is sure to not disappoint ;)

The only negative I have is you MAY break out a bit as it pulls all the impurities to the surface, if this happens.. don't be put off, it's all part of the process to amazing skin :) but sometimes it doesn't happen!

and I know I used it on several parts of my face, and it was very frustrating the time I had to use!

It didn't do me wonders in the time I used it, but I think it's my fault.. you should really give it a try! I mean during the Summer my skin was at it's best stage.. and as the Lumie lamp contains Sun rays, I think it'll do you wonders if you follow it correctly! which is why I'll be excited to turn back to it one day.

give it a go, there's absolutely no harm in using it like most products! :D only the fact it may not work, but hey.. with the rays it contains. It's pretty impossible to do nothing positive.

So I recommend you trying it! let me know how you get on if you do :D

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