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Journey to pretty skin :)

A little bit about me...

23, female, of Asian-descent, working full-time, and going to school part-time :). Always had one or two of those pesky cystic zits that popped up during my cycle during high school. Not such a big deal. Now, around 19/20 years of age, I started getting really persistent acne that just worsened over time :(. For some reason, I'd get a whole bunch of them along my cheekbone. Really annoying :confused:. I'm also very prone to hyper-pigmentation which takes FOREVER to fade away and I do have a terrible habit of picking so I've got small craters around my cheeks (Not totally visible if you were to see me head-on but if you examine my face closely, they're definitely there). Add in to the equation a very oily skin type, and you've basically got an idea of my face is like :wacko:.

My skin care journey thus far...

Like many of you, I've tried everything on the market and went through several prescriptions. And nada! Nothing worked. In February of last year, I accompanied my mother to the Philippines for her check-up at a well-known hospital and I was able to visit a dermatologist there. She did some acne injections to calm down my current bumps and did a procedure on me to help with my scarring. The name of what she did on me escapes my mind but basically she made some waffle-like abrasions around my scars and I imagine it's similar in effect to what needling does (Google :cool:). In addition, I had some blood work done and got a prescription for a 3-month 40mg supply of Roaccutane. The zero wait was really nice and I started my course almost immediately while I was still in the Philippines.

I got really good results with Roaccutane. I started seeing results in the 3rd month (Which seems to be the magic month for many of us! :lol:). Everything was fine and dandy for about a year. Best part was no the oil slick! However in January of this year, my old face started to return!Leaky oil-production and acne cheeks and all :cry:.

Fed-up, I went to a family physician in my hometown last month. I explained to her my story, and she completely heard me out. We immediately discussed going on second course of Accutane for me. Of course, the procedure is done differently on U.S. soil (read: I-Pledge and monthly visits). Not to mention the cost is significantly higher than in the Philippines :(. Luckily, I've had a decent job in place since September so I'll be able to fork over the $$$.

This time, I'll be doing a 5-month course starting with 40mg. I guess the really good thing with monthly visits is that I'll be closely monitored so I'm hoping this second-time around will kill all my acne for good!

The Plan...

My plans are kind of deterred at the moment. I was supposed to go in for a visit and get my first prescription for Accutane last week but I contracted a really gross infection on my left lower eyelid so the inclusion of antibiotics pretty much canceled that out. Now I'm on travel until Sunday so I have to wait to see the derm until next week :(. I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly enough and I'll be able start my course next week. Oh, the wait, it kills! :cry:.

I did get some shopping done and this is what I have in my arsenal:

1. Cetaphil gentle cleanser

2. Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 15.

3. Cleansing and make-up remover towelettes (This might be a problem but I hit the gym a lot)

4. Nivea cream

5. Clinique Superfit liquid foundation

6. Clinique Stay-Matte powder foundation

I'm planning to include supplements after talking to my doctor and the pharmacist. Two of the biggest challenges I remember from my first course was constant ITCHINESS (most likely due to the dry-ness and maybe the humidity in where I live) and the joint-pain. The latter wasn't actually so bad since it went away after a few weeks. But I will definitely remember to take it easy during those first weeks on the 'tane ;).

I think that's it. I know, I know. I write novels! But I'm really looking forward to following others on their journey and sharing mine in the process as well. I'd also love to receive any and all advice/feedback and product/supplement/make-up suggestions from everyone.

Love, peace, and happiness to all :)

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Good luck :) i am on day 10!

My advice...

*Drink a lot of water, esp. the first few days (i had a headache the first 3 days)

I take Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills and Vitamin E

I am still new to this so if i find any other tips/advice i will let you know.


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Good luck with your second course..:) I'm sure it's gonna be the last one! They say there is only 3% chance of relapse on the second one!

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@mimmy18: Great advice :D! I will be definitely drinking a ton of water. Good luck with your course as well. Are you keeping a log? I'd love to follow it!

@Heine: I hope this will be my last course! That 3% does cheer me up quite some :pray:. Going to check out your log now... (Hilarious name btw! :lol:)

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Just to recap: I was supposed to go on Accutane since last week but I had a yucky eye infection and needed to take antibiotics so my course, as of now, is delayed :(.

I just came back from travel yesterday and was able to pop into the clinic today. I scheduled some blood work on Saturday and I'll be able to see the doctor next Monday. More waiting ensues ... <_<

Been avoiding going out and seeing my friends sooo I need to occupy myself with other things. Haven't been in the gym for the past 2 weeks so I need to haul myself in there and get some good vibes in. Really miss yoga and want to ease myself into dance again. There is a half-marathon I'm eye-ing in February. I've only run 5ks. Has anyone done any races?

Also, any book, tv, or movie recommendations? I just finished "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". Even though it's a huge bestseller, can't say I really enjoyed it. I have "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" lying around but I'm looking for a good story :cool:.

Saw Inception, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, District 9, and Twilight: Eclispe on my plane ride (Long 14 hour flights = bad. Movies on demand = good! ;)) Loved it, Rarely get to see movies.

TV: I usually catch Glee, Community, Modern Family, Bones, Fringe, and sometimes Grey's on Hulu. My guilty pleasure, however, is Vampire Diaries! Pretty people (with lovely skin, of course :angry:), fast-paced plot lines, good suspense, questions always answered, new ones always pop up, etc. Love it :D. Can't believe the next episode is December 2. Argh. Any shows you think I need to see?

One more item before I end this (so far, useless!) update: Clarisonic. Thoughts? :think: I was thumbing through the booklet at the doctor's office today and I'm very tempted to buy one for myself. The brush felt very, very gentle when I tested it on my hand but I'm worried my face on Accutane will be too sensitive for it. Still, I think it would be a very good tool for sloughing off dry, flaky, skin. This, in addition to Aveeno's skin brightening moisturizer, would be great in evening out my skin tone and getting rid of hyper pigmentation. I've got all week to think about purchasing it and I'd love anyone's input on it :P.

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hey good luck up ur second course! im on my second course too

and about the clarisonic. i have something very similar from DDF. and i havent used it on my course. u should probably wait till after. im waiting till after to help with hyperpigmentation. but ur skin will be VERY sensitive and i think that even a gentle brush would irritate it.

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Hi! good luck with your second course! im asian skinned too so i know what you mean about the hyperpigmentation lasting forrreever ahhaha im on my second month of accutane.

yaa i agree with the poster above as I don't think you should get clarisonic yettt.. cuz right now, sometimes very gentle towels irritate my skin.. I mainly just wash my face with the palms of my hands in a very gentle manner :)

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