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Will my acne still be under control if I stop using tetracycline?

I have been on tetracycline for 3 months now along with retin-a micro gel 0.04% and clindamycin phosphate gel 1%. I started on August 17 to now November 16.

I have been taking tetracycline every morning and night, using clindamycin phosphate gel every morning and night, and using retin-a micro every night only. Oh, and I have been washing my face with oxy wash face 10% benzoyl peroxide through this whole process. Some of you might say that is harsh, but my doctor told me to use a benzoyl peroxide face wash and it has been working. I couldn't find a lower percent at the store so yeah.

About three weeks ago, I noticed that my skin finally improved after going through hell! (got many huge white heads and acne cyst randomly all over my face especially around the chin area!) The amount and size of the white heads have decreased and now, my face is pretty much smooth and clear. i just have 3 or 4 small bumps and a lot of acne scars, but I think the retin-a will fade them right?

So, here is were my question comes in. I am running out of all 3 of the medications, so I have to refill them, but If I continue just using the retin-a along with the clindamycin gel only and stop taking tetracyline, will my acne be under control still or no?

I can't tell if tetracycline has helped me since I barley noticed improvement 3 weeks ago and I assume it was due to retin-a micro and the phosphate gel, BUT! during the second month, I noticed that my back acne disappeared.

What should I do? Continue with tetracycline or stop? I want to stop because I don't want to become resistant to it and I don't have money to afford it.

Thank You! sorry this is so long!

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I'm on tetracycline now, just hit my 4 week mark but I was told that it can take up to 8weeks to see any improvement. Maybe you seen yours on your back after 2 months. I dont think youll really know until you stop taking it though :/.

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Thanks for replying :) well, last week on monday, i stopped taking the medication and 3 big zits appeared on my jaw line and 2 on my cheek, but i wasn't that worried because my skin has been so much worse. They finally disappeared on friday and after that until now, my skin has been clear and no weird breakouts have been appearing on my face or body. I hope it stays that way!

good luck with tetracycline. hopefully, you will see improvements soon.

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