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whiteheads - i've tried everything - pls. help

hello. i am 25 year old male and for the past month i've been on a tough battle with whiteheads. acne wise my face is pretty clear other that the area around and between my mouth and chin. this area has been prone to whiteheads. as soon as some go away, more keep breaking out. i've used everything from BP products, salicylic acid, tea tree oil, vitamin e, etc and still nothing works. it's has been pretty frustrating. i wash my fash twice a day, use a toner, and moisturizer. are there any other tricks in the books that i may have missed that i should try? any help will be greatly appreciate. thank you!

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dont drink coke, i use to get whiteheads around my mouth and chin area. i stopped drinking coke and my whiteheads were cut down severely. drink lots of water to clear your bacteria, trust me, people say drink water but some people think its just useless cause they still get breakouts. go to washroom more often to get rid of toxins. and also most imporantly eat healthy, less sugar intake more fruits, and DO NOT whatever you do DO NOT touch your face. your basically adding loads of bacteria to the whiteheads.

I have the same problem as you, and i did the above things and now i have less breakouts. and my face is starting to clear up since i dont touch my face.

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