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The Regimen and Eczema prone skin?

I've had acne since i was about 13, on and off. For about last 18 months Ive been battling with full body eczema (which i also had when i was a baby), and my acne really took a back seat to the eczema. I would rather have acne over eczema any day! SHeeeeshh. I managed to clear my eczema after dropping all of my prescriptions, and doing a liver cleanse and watching my diet. It is only on my left hand now, which compared to how it used to be, does not bother me at all. However, my acne has come back on my face and shoulders/back. I was thinking of starting the acne.org regimen but i'm really scared its going to aggravate my eczema, and I def cannot handle any more eczema on my face. agghhh. Anyone, been through this? Any suggestions. Should I try it any way? My skin is still pretty dry, but manageable. It also gets realllly oily by the end of the day. :rolleyes:

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I get eczema on my hands, arms, head, ears, and hairline but not on my face...just the sideburn area. I've been able to control it by changing soaps (and never deviating)--see my signature.

I'd start out slowly and maybe just on a part of your face to see what happens. Make sure you moisturize well.

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Hey, I have ezcema prone skin too.

It has been abt 1 week since I've started following this regimen. There are actually mild rashes along my jawlines. Hmm, I think it's cuz of the drying effects of BP? Just use more moisturizer lols.

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