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starting regimen again

I had been on the DKR for about 2 months and I've been off it now for about a month because I didn't have the means to purchase the treatment. Anyways, I bought the treatment again yesterday and I'm just wondering will it be like picking it up from where I ended? or will it be like starting at ground zero again? (and by that I mean the breakout in the first 2 weeks, amount of BP to use, etc.)

Please let me know :pray::)

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As far as another break out, that just depends on your skin. You may get lucky!

If I were you, I would back off the amount of BP just a tad and test the waters for a day or two to see if your skin has "forgotten" the BP. If you don't get any itching or burning, you should be in the clear to take a few days to amp up the dosage and get back to where you left off!

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i would DEFINITELY start from scratch.

better safe and slow than sorry and irritated as hell.

Also your breakout might be the same, or it'll be more mild, but i really don't know, i remember one girl who restarted the regimen and she cleared up much quicker and broke out less in the beginning (but she was on the regimen for a while before and was completely clear)

So i have no idea.

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